Thursday, April 16, 2009

FINALLY! Pixels back in hand...

Again, another bout of writer's block. KInda sucks some days. More like, designer's block in fact. Again, been meaning to make some whole sale changes, and I will. But there's not reason for me to not post anything?!?! NO??

Anyhow.... you know how I love to do...

I need to get out to decompress and think a bit. Been a funny week. And what's best is that, although I'm sitting here @ my lap and posting right from it @ JFK, I'll be hella posting from my BarackBerry now. ;)

Anyhow, chat soon.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

SPINNA! Esta Noche!

I can't even get into it right now.

I've not been on this blog of like 1 month?? Been weighing some design changes. Been too long as the same format. +, I will be doing more mobile postings since I find myself spending more time here these days (that's my music HQ btw).

So tonight is the night: We are proud to have DJ SPINNA in the building @ Revival Bar.

I just saw Spinna rip it week before last in MIA and i'm glad to be able to host his return to YYZ.

If you're looking for tckts

They're avail @ play de record, goodfoot, slinky music, rotate this, delphic & soundscapes

I would call 1st but there should be some tix left.

See you tonight, and I'm glad to be posting here again. ;)