Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! MPCs & Beatbreaks (download)


This is not a Xmas gift, but more like a gesture of goodwill and amity. During this festive season, let's have a good laugh, quaffe well, break bread and break beats.

So, I present to you:

MPCs & Beatbreaks (click to download).

The track listing is as follows.

1. Intro (Alt.) - J Dilla
2. Exhibit A (Transformations) - Jay Electronica
3. Eff This - Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke
4. Be Acceptable – P.U.D.G.E.
5. Alll Reddaayy - ADAD/KEYS
6. JetBoat (Boozina Remix) - Muhsinah
7. My Comet - Onra
8. Fall In Love feat. Stray - Eric L & Cerebral Vortex
9. Nature Sounds (Lavender) - Elaquent
10. Whole Wide World feat. Pattie Blingh - Declaime
11. Soul Power - Common
12. On You - De Javaanse Jongens
13. Ruined My Record – P.U.D.G.E.
14. Color Of The Space - RLP
15. 90% Of Me Is You (midtro) - Gwen McCrae
16. Port Salut - Devon
17. Believe - Afta-1
18. Roberta Flack (Mike Slott's Other Mix) - Flying Lotus
19. Auuu / Imagine - Brenk
20. Knockout Kings - Super Smoky Soul & Guilty Simpson
21. Piece Of Art (rmx) - Lorett Fleur feat. LMNO
22. Second Synth Song v2 - Jay Scarlett
23. She Wanna - Hawthorne Headhunters
24. Rickshaw - Flying Lotus
25. Was, Is, Will Mathematik
26. Call To Arms - Harmonic 313
27. Saturn - Karizma
28. Her Fav Color - BLU
29. Like A Purple Shade - Yann Kesz
30. Shake It Down Pt. 2 - ILLA J
31. SynthaSizey ft Kissey Asplund – P.U.D.G.E.
32. too much nebula - Stevo
33. Apprendre - Leneko
34. Shangrila - Floating Points
35. UFOol u - Dyno
36. Lottahydro – Suff Daddy

Not a DJ mix, more like a ME-J mix. You know the deal. I play for myself hahaha. And... DISCLAIMER: no signing or any autotunin' on my part! LOL. That's the next one.
Happy Holidays and hope you take some delight MPCs & Beatbreaks. Pt2 in development as we speak.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Beau Ties

Funny how things can happen. On my last trip to LA and my requisite stop @ Marc Jacobs, I saw these clip on bow ties. I had been meaning to host a xmas party @ some point w/ my man Jon and have all guys wear bow ties or Beau Ties. ;) But as it was, I forgot to grab one, but my man JJ just got back and hit me with this! BAM!

I used to rock these hard 1nce upon a time. My code of dress was all about who could look like the most well-read academic, bespectacled University of Glasgow professor throwback to Harris Tweed jkts, Florsheim shoes and trousers to my navel. I 1nce rocked that look all day, along side a trench.
Anyhow, none of that will be happening for NYE, but look for this Beau Tie to bedeck my neck and collar - with no questions, long side like a Paul Smith blazer that I've not rocked in ages.
Thank you Marc J and shouts to Jon Jon.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Triangle: Two Lovers (2009)

Oddly, I find myself eagerly looking fwd to another film simply after one pass of it's trailer.
Two Lovers looks to be another passionate tale of personages, consumed by adoration whilst still being adored. Did that make any sense? By what I have seen, Two Lovers will be a classic isosceles love triangle with 2 equally tormented affairs and one hopelessly nebulous outcome.

As I mentioned, there have been but a few films that I have peaked my interest after a single pass of the trailer - Vicky Christina Barcelona (a BRILLIANT film that I went to see alone - and that I would go watch again, hint x2) and more recently Let The Right One In - a fantastic foreign gem.
Ironically, all three are love stories. Huh?
Word is that the release in set for Feb 13th 2009. I'll let you do the math. Who's down??


Friday, December 19, 2008


Dearly beloved... we were gathered last night in QB in the sign of Dionysus and in the face of this company, to unite these kindred spirits in the most holy of merriment, commended to be honorable by all. Therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently. Into this holy Stafford estate these persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, just leave. ;)

What do I live for?? These days... just the key things: family and friends, in the that order. And really, for the latter of the two, the close ones are prolly just family anyways. Good times are simply the therapy you need in trying times, and not saying that I'm in any kind of rut but I've certainly been in better places of late. Much like my folks, belief that wining and dining among family is priceless - and last night was just that.

Shouts to all I saw last night, from the Black Beatles (Jon Jon, Man Like eBanks and Ramòn), Harbs & Daniella - you guys need your own reality show, Celine, Lynne, Suzi, Nat, Patrick, iVana, Toula, Steph and Pam. Extra special big shout to Jon Jon for being a fab host. I need a bigger yard! A great night indeed. Wishing you cats all the best for the holidays, and see you next year, in 2000-mine, cuz it will be about me. ;)

As much as I don't post much music here these days, how could I not dedicate a track this time around? A lovely update of a classic. Who doesn't want love among friends? I do love it like this... ;)


Knee Deep: IRIS 30 CM event @ Livestock Dec 20th

The mandem @ IRIS could not be have been more prophetic. The day before their WINTER 09 JUMP launch event @ Livestock, yyz has been blanketed in a thick, fluffy and not so comforting snowy purgatory. Hmmm...
Most important though is the fact that I'll be running a set @ this launch night. Taktiks, Marco Polo and I will be sharing duties as purveyors of fine riddims.

So if you're in the hood, but sure to pass through. You can RSVP @ the FB group here. Be sure to say hi.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HVW8 x Charlie Ahearn: True History

Would you believe that it's been 25 yrs?
In 1983, producer and director Charles Ahearn finally brought to screen what was to become one of the most if not the most influential film in hip hop. Wild Style was the 1st film of it's kind: the depiction of a free form movement of art, dance, music and culture. Hip Hop.

Purveyors and proponents of fine print art HVW8 have hooked up with Charlie Ahearn himself to release a series of tees which will pay homage to his work in Wild Style. They will pull stills from a massive cache of images and transfer them to tees in this collaborative endeavor. The first of many has just dropped @ the HVW8 Hollywood gallery:

Make sure to visit HVW8 to get your own. Shouts to my man Ty G & Max all day. And PLS try not to backspin in it. ;). So how could I not take you out with an original break?? Enjoy.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only In New York: Just-Ice Dec 19th

I had been contemplating hitting NYC this week for a gig that Giant Step put on. Your man Alex Bark from Jazzanova was in NY for a quick hotel gig. Love that dude. Germans are on fire in my books. Some great music to say the least...
But I also was just shot an email. Dec 19th, NY will be host to foundation:

Can you even believe this?? I need to get my travel game back up as this 08 year was a snoozer. Had some great times this year, but they were also clipped by some BS. But when I see a gig w/ Just-Ice on the bill??
I grew up listening to this dude. So nuts.

No disrepect to the other cats on the bill, esp LORD RAKIM, but Just-Ice? This is big. Anyone who recalls the earliest days like Sleeping Bag , will and must recall a big man like Just-Ice. When the beatbox used to blare out of speakers, Gemini x-faders were tops. Cats talk that gangster sh*t, but this dude was one of the originals. That sh*t takes me way back, way back....

Sam (friend I bucked up this past weekend) and I were chatting about NY and why NYers are born with a chip. She loved her stay in NYC, lived there for a few years and could not get enough of it. I felt her. It all happened there @ some point. Came from there, is there or it's on it's way there. Who knows. But, I keep saying it: the tourists in NY will outnumber the NYers, if that's not happened already.

This show could only happen in NY. So much history on that bill. Anyhow, I would have loved being @ this gig. And to boot, I think I know the dude putting it on. Long ass story. Anyhow, enjoy some Just-Ice on me. You can stream and for the 1st time ever, a downloadable link. Enjoy today's benevolence. I'm not in favor but I love Just-Ice too much for other to not enjoy it. Lemme know if this joints sounds familiar @ all...



Monday, December 15, 2008

Pubescent Passion: Let the Right One in (Låt den rätte komma in)

So, I had been repeatedly seeing this trailer on HDNET, and it had peaked my interest like another film I had been obsessed with after seeing the trailer.

Let the Right One in (Låt den rätte komma in): A Swede story of schoolyard sweethearts, a near bleach blonde boy and the pearl of his big blues eyes, an eerie adolescent vampiress.
Blood curdling, ambushes and inexplicable execution take a back seat. This is a very cute love story. And honestly, I loved it.
I in fact will place this in the Vicki, Christina, Barcelona realm. Simply amazing.
Though as gangly twelve year olds they have that gaucheness expected, but you still see some classic life lessons from this minuscule Scandinavian set. I started to have flashes of this IML fatigue that i could be suffering from.... argh. I need to see someone about that.
This is a must in the pages in my books, even for the most remote movie buff. You into some decent horror, this is a good one to catch. As you know, night time rules for the vampiric type.
Thank you Sweden. Shouts to Kissey and Fatima! Was gonna txt you guys during the film... was too sucked in. ;)


Friday, December 12, 2008

HVW8 All day.

I miss LA DEARLY! I need it for more reasons than you think ahora. I'll be there muy temprano. I just get inspired there on all levels. Not saying that life here is insipid, but there's a little something missing @ times. But I still love you yyz. LAX does me well though.
My man Ty G from HVW8 sends me this yesterday. Dude is homeless, would you believe??

This was right as her was preparing the new podcast. Shouts to Max and Ty G!
This dude, should be @ Wrongbar tonight to flip it with Dâm-Funk. For real. Speaking of, make sure to come out tonight and show some love. Mayer Hawthorne, Dâm-Funk, Taktiks and this other cat.
All deets here, the FB group.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad Santa! Move Dec 12th @ Wrongbar

Guess who's gonna blow the speakers @ WrongBar Friday Dec 12?? (this week)

Dâm Funk, Mayer Hawthorne aka Haircut, DJ Taktiks from CKLN's Mixtape Massacre and your fave ME-J... me. ;)

See you there. You should be a blast. I got a few new gems for mans.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ye Day

The 1nce Vuitton Don, now the Colette King, Cinelli Vigorelli vanguard was on Conan with his 808 kicks and Jigu (and no, not Jigga).

More chat...

Don't shoot the animals.

Who's gonna f*ck with Pastelle when it drops?? Well... I'm almost afraid. 2 fold fears: The stampede to teh authorized dealers, and the one to the bootleggers, grey/black market, flea market dudes. Bottom line - both will get paid.

I'll rep that.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saved by Poli Sci: John Forté Freed

Bush Doesn't Care About Black People.

Do you think that Bush thinks about it?? Will failed Dubbya acknowledge that echoing statement from Ye as one of his lowest points ever?? Can you shake something like that from your psyche ever?? Bush was never really a erudite dude, but even I cringed when I heard that... MAN. Forget W, cuz my beef been more with Conde Rice. Where was she during Katrina?? Oh yea... Shopping for shoes for a private function and playing tennis with M. Seles. Way to go.

So, in a flurry of 14 pardons and commutations, political scientist Dubbya sent the Poly Scientist, former Refugee Camp MC/producer John Forté what he has been yearning for since 2000: a pardon.

Was Bush thinking of John Forté or was in trying to get into Carly Simon's pants?? Regardless, Dec 22 2008, John Forté will walk out of the Penn pen and taste freedom.

FINALLY is all his myspace says. I guess homie. Does this mean there's gonna be a Refugee Camp Party?? Well.. not quite an inaugural ball, but I would watch it on youtube I guess.

Maybe all the efforts by Carly Simon did pay off, since I don't see Bush as a Refugee Camp or John Forté fan.
So does this mean George Bush loves Black people now? Who knows, but John Forté loves him some of that Poli Sci though.

What will he do 1st?


Friday, November 21, 2008

I dream about sex. Do you??


My man Nalden just let us in on a little secret. ADIDAS is turning 60? for real? Well, whatever they plan - sexy house party or not, they better holla @ your man. I hope to bring some of that DVLPMNT to the party. They could use some. Let's take it left a touch more. Say wrd. And I just copped the Adidas Campus pair, in 3M. I'm a f*cking 3M junky man. Perfect from riding @ night.

Naldisney put me on to the trailer that has been produced out of Montréal of all places. Nuts. Adidas and Montréal have a lovely bond seemingly. An agency in MTL also was also behind this build of boundless beauty.

This could be fun. Stay tuned....


Winter Wanderland

I wander around wondering when i'll waive this white flag. Speaking to my parents last winter, my father had all but tossed in the towel, sick of the furiously foul flurries. But in his defense, his territory was slammed with record breaking snowfalls. Like, REAL CRAZY. Some might even recall my famous shot right in front of my parents' place last Xmas.
So yesterday, we got our first snowfall on the year in Toronto. UGH. I'm not ready.

Would you believe that i went for a bike yesterday afternoon?? The sun was in fact blazing, the roads dried up. It was an awesome day in the end. Well... after noon really. It can be done! Shout outs to Nalden.

Anyhow, I need a new jkt. The goose is dope, but I wanna a new one!

I'm gone wandering.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madlib x Brent Rollins x Stones Throw = Say Wrd

I've had this on going work campaign that just seemed to NEVER END! ARGH! So I was staying offline unusually. So popping upyesterday, I got an immediate hit from my man Strong from Stones Throw. They've been toying with the idea of putting out more tees, but they've always had the one offs here and there and, I happen to own a few myself.
So he hits me with the link and voilà...

They've done a collab tee with famed Brent Rollins, notorious for his work with Stüssy, Nike, and most notably Ego Trip. So now, Madlib is also a customer... you bet.

They'll be a perfect complement to my Topshop dnm. Wrd. These are due in the Stones Throw eStore quite soon with the last black and pink colorway exclusively available during the Madlib x J-Rocc tour in Japan. WTF?? What the hell is up with all the Nipponese exclusives?? Anyhow... I should be in LA soon. Hope to cop one. ;) Big shouts to Minister of Information, my main man Strong!



Monday, November 17, 2008

DNM Delight

Say wrd. After a cute game of cat and mouse with my girl Kate, I was able to get my TopShop dnm she so graciously grabbed for me before she made her away across the pond.
So she left the winsome Nancy in charge of the delivery. And what a delivery!
They have quickly become my fave pair of jeans ever since my trop to LDN last summer. And you certainly heard and read my despair when I had to dump them in the Whirlpool washer.

Anyhow, I'mpretty pumped. Levi's, Nudies and def Topman aka Men's TopShop.


Say wrd.

I see you staring...