Thursday, January 31, 2008

More than Guns, Gangs & Gravel

Though I extol the righteousness and nobility of accessories all day long, I find myself bereft of much (read any) bling. I've been secretly longing for my chaining day @ work, but that has yet to be announced.

But in my boyhood, I used to not only wear a ring, but also a necklace - both gifts of my mother. More recently, I have had thoughts of rekindling some of that distant past. So, should you see me with something long swinging from left to right... (a chain stupid!), and a possibly a ring? You know wassup...
So when going through, I came across a young designer's jewelry and toolery. Hailing from London by way of Sri Lanka, Kali Arulpragasam's work screams of political statements. Why should it not, seeing that she and her sister songwriter M.I.A. share the same views.
Her latest collection, called “Terrorism Affects Tourism”, is a series of breastplate necklaces that hang across the chest and celebrate positive aspects of war-torn nations. Indeed there is more to these countries then guns, gangs and gravel. Images are cut and crafted by hand and plated together to create a mural in gold and silver. Supersized big up for putting Haïti in the mix.

Equally as impressive is a similarly hand crafted ring collection entitled "Endangered Species", again highlighting what she feels is a threatened segment of the planet's own wildlife.

Good Look. Her work is pretty heavy and I'll be on the look out for the multi-fingered pieces.
Maybe she can work her way towards some GhostFace sized toolery?? ;)
Nonetheless, you can find and buy her works @ SuperFertile

Anyhow, you know what time it is.

Our girl Kali Arulpragasam makes it hella nice, but our man Dilla rawks and spits that ice. Dilla Month IS upon us. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

313 Harmonies

I know that I carry some aliases, some more well known than others (Hza, Hizzy, Mr. October, Hizzla, King Of Candyland, I didn't know that was your girl, Enrique Pandillero and Piece of Work). My man Mark Pritchard, aka Trouble Man aka Harmonic 313 def got a few his own, and this week has released on EP under that Harmonic313 moniker.
313. Sound or look familiar? If you're a fan of the infamous D, this should. It is one of the more celebrated area codes around: Detroit.
Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313 is a long time electronic music producer who's also got that soulful strut instead of that syncopated staccato some electronic cats like to serve. He's had some brilliant rmxs left and right and on Monday Jan 28th, Warp Records released his new record, Harmonic 313's EP1.
If you're fan of that future music, what I am now calling Robotica™, you'll absolutely enjoy this one. And to boot, sprinkle in some of that Detroit swing, and you'll be certain to add this one to your recent rotation.
But, one of my favorite parts of this release is the online element:

By entering the site you're immediately taken to a spacescape very reminiscent of that scifi classic Tron: the artwork is just brilliant. But even more fun is the game you're prompted to play by the most vintage of voices: Speak & Spell.

Anyhow, there is a prize 1nce you've completed the 5 levels: you'll be offered a free download of a secret track unavailable on the EP1.

Whilst Harmonic313 dot com takes you for a spelling bee in space, Call To Arms will set the pace. Enjoy.

Monday, January 28, 2008


So when I left QB, and moved into my new place, I swore that i would start cooking tons more. Why shouldn't I have? I spent a small mint on a nice stove by Kitchen Aid and was also messing with come cookware from Calphalon.

So, I've started to look @ baking since I did miss my dad's (yes indeed my dad) paternal pastries. He used to make a sick banana loaf and I would have to keep myself from boxing the whole thing in 1 or 2 days. Esp when it was hot w/ peanut butter. YES! Anyhow, so it went - the genetics @ work. I tried a few weeks ago and succeeded but wanted to make a next attempt @ a oatmeal loaf. As you can see above. Just added sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds as well as currant. 45 mins @ 425 and....

Witness: The Immaculate Convection.

So you know that you can safely ask to have some oatloaf when you see me next. It's tasty and healthy as well. Dope.

Anyhow, I look fwd to cooking alot more. Though I see myself posting about this somewhere else soon.... Shouts to my man Connoisseur of Consumption aka Kevlar.

We stay crunk with the culinaries.


Friday, January 25, 2008


So, this is so funny. A few weeks ago, I hit my man Jon up and I asked him to send me some Zaki tracks. I wanted to post about the show. But I got caught and sidetracked. Now, NOW blows my spot up. JESUS. Anyhow, I'll still big it it.

I 1st met Zaki years ago @ the historic Vice shop (and now history) in Queen West. She was boys w/ my man Gambino J. I still recall when I 1st saw her and she started to get her chops up singing and what not. My man Nick Holder was producing tracks so I was hella stoked. Look @ she now! Dope. Man, I'm just looking fwd to seeing the show. And you should to. Opening will be this project that I've heard great buzz about, Hero and my man Jerome Blackwell aka Taktiks will be on the steels. I didn't forget you Jerome! I'm sending the email. And big me up when you f*cking drop that Tuesday, cause you know you will.

So anyhow, don't be an idiot. You know, F.A.L.A.

with special guests Hero & Wee Golden
Music by DJ Taktiks
Tuesday January 29, 2008
The Mod Club Theatre
722 College St, Toronto.

From South Africa to yyz, Zakilicious brings that fix, from the D back to yyz, Waajeed tweaks the mix. See you Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Seriously. Call me: Nokia's Stylin On You.

+ the cal is on me. So act up and... [pow].

You know how I stay about accessories. And as far as I know, even though I do make calls on my cell all day, I like to switch phones according to my mood and what I'm rocking. Some are smaller, sleeker and have that... um, je ne sais quoi. Smell my Comme Des Garçons??

Enter the new Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism, the newest offer form the Nokia Prism Collection. Quite the mouth full for just a phone. Wait. No. It's a fashion accessory if you ask me. The new watch really. They 1nce said that the watch was being replaced by the cell phone - though blasphemous as a statement, the fact is that cats would quicker leave their watch behind than cell. Someone started to think and applied some fashion design to the phone category. You ended up w/ The Nokia Zac Posen Collection in 2004 (seen below)

and the L'Amour Collection in 2005

and they are now offering a new release from the Prism Collection. The 7900 Crystal Prism.

Nokia worked in collaboration with the creative designer Frédérique Daubal, which resulted in unique laser-etched graphic designs and distinctive wallpapers for the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism. The wallpapers inspired by Daubal communicate the reflection of light and capture the feel of angular prisms and triangles. Lasers are not limited to Js and A1s.

I could go into a techie ramble, but why?? A fashion ramble would be so much better. But I will add one thing: They've compared it to the same lines and designs as the infamous Prada offices.

Ready for the Prada building in your pocket? I am.

make it happen!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1ne Hundred: You Know What Love Is. (1 for Dilla)

★ ★ 1 0 0 ★ ★

So I sat there wondering what should be the perfect announcement for my one hundredth post. What better to announce my 1st official night:

Yep. And it goes like this:

You Know What Love Is.
Thursday Feb 21st 2007 @ Andy's Pool Hall
489 College St, Toronto.
Along side world famous CRCL RSRCH as part of Rock it. Shouts to Nik T for the link.
The entire night will be FREE!
Mark it pon your calendar.

To commemorate his life, I will play from James Yancey's extensive catalog, but as well play my entire set on an MP.

Say it with me 1 time...

I'm pretty pumped. Been longing to set a more serious DJ schedule for those who love that Robotica™. Let's GO!

So whilst I bang out the snares and kicks, my man J.Rawls pays tribute w/ that smooth sh*t. Enjoy.


Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK: No Days Off.

[moment of silence 2 times]


Def Does Dilla: Tonight in Ann Arbor, MI

Tonight, your man Mighty Mos plays host to a night of knights. On this MLK day, he pays tribute to one of the greatest that has ever lived. Certainly he will honor the great Martin Luther King, but tonight he will accompany a symphony and pay homage to Pay Jay aka Dilla Dawg aka J Dilla.

Tough I'm not oft in favor of Big Band backing hip hop, I give Mos the green light on this one. He's actually one of the few who can pull this off. Regardless, the University of Michigan's UMS will host tonight's event and will be the only such date as there's no scheduled tour. Seen.

As we listen to bright brass w/ Mos, we keep it ghe-tto with the plastic cups, and toast.

[moment of silence 1 time]


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Get Bitch Slapped! SNKRPMPS Feb 1st @ Circa

So man, what a busy Feb. I totally forgot it was that time of year, where cats go through their climate controled rooms and pick through the past years' vintages: grapes, olives, infrareds... You might pull out the jewelry and toolery and unbox some Tiffanys. Anyhow, look for this night to be attended by the city's sneaker geeks, and the 17 girls who love them. That's right: SneakerPimps are rolling into town. This will be a man show. LOL. No seriously. Can you say rubber necking all night long?
But, thankfully, Hip Hop's Head Honcho will be on desk to supply the music: DJ Premier will be on the bill. Last time he came was during the Manifesto/RedBull Music Academy event in September, and that was completely bananas. In fact, I saw him in NY this summer for the Smirnoff night, and also saw him in Barcelona of all places. WTF??

Touching the decks will also be fellow countryman, neg lacaille DJ WhooKid, as well as one of the more underrated crews out there, Serious (might crack a smile, but ain't a damn thing funny) & my man Fathom.


So man...

Don't get bitch slapped! Do your thing @ Sneaker Pimps Feb 1st @ Circa. Should be a funny night.

Since Sneakerpimps will supply the night, KanKick will give you Sight (for sore eyes).


The Healer: Nu Badu

Pls don't hate me for saying this, but I was never a massive fan of Erykha Badu. I still recall when she was just starting and everyone and their mom was losing their mind. She's had a fantastic career, and I would be the 1st to acknowledge it. But I could never get over the wig-gate. I mean, it was never a massive deal but I still recall having that convo with my man Tony Young, bka Master T, and how disgusted he was @ the fact that such a spiritually focused singer and performer was passing off what was soon to be discovered to be a counterfeit coiffure, phony dreads as real hair. My man was pissed... and I too was kinda like: man, that's kinda wack. Top of that, never liked how she turned my man Common right out. Common definitely ate the rice. Damn.
But, I'm not mad. She's still fine as hell. And her booty is bananas - esp in light of that small frame of hers. She's got classics and had worked very closely w/ Dilla. In fact, possibly too close. I still recall this interview where he mentioned starting to get a massage from she...

Anyhow, some of you might recall my mention of Badu's surprise appearance @ the NY Stones Throw tour stop as she performed nu material from Nu Amerykha - her new record that's due to drop next month. So I finally heard one of the bangers she did w/ Madlib the bad kid.

It's bigger than religion, hip hop....

....It's bigger than the government.

This one is for Dilla

Whilst we still look to mend our broken hearts, Badu comes from the skies to play the part (1 for Dilla). Enjoy.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NYC to London to YYZ: it's all love...

Good ppl are meant to meet.

I do my best to be a good citizen. I have met and with time amassed a great deal of friends @ home in yyz and enjoy their company @ all times. There in fact is not enough time as I would want, to share spirits and smiles. I certainly apply that same principle, as simple as it is, in all my travels. But I do also have a scintilla of faith in fate that I can't quite explicate. I can only sum it as this:

Good ppl are meant to meet.

Just about 1 year ago, I met and artist who's become a great friend in the time we've known each other. How we met was classic, but even more remarkable is how we kept in touch via random but unknowingly common friends we had.

Jose Parla and I met in NY after a Stüssy x Nike movie premiere. We met simply because a friend of mine was grossly late, and I was then forced to wait outside. @ which point I ran into an old friend who was @ the time waiting for Jose. Wild. We ended up eating great food and partying afterwards @ Cielo for a Jazzanova DJ event. It was such a great night, we vowed to stay in touch.

This summer whilst in London and after lunch with my man Gorgeous George, I find out Jose is in town for a show. I call his NY cell but it's off. Then my friend from LA emails me to tell me a friend of mine Jazzi (and I would find out a friend of Jose's as well) is in London also and I should email her. So I did. And she then calls me on my cell, to say hi and puts her friend on the phone: it's Jose.

Are you kidding me??

So we end up all hooking up and having dinner in London's famous Brick Lane. Good ppl. Good times. Priceless moments, even w/o the Mastercard.

Glad you could come through Toronto dude. I know we'll x paths again my dude. Be safe and the world awaits you (seriously though, the airmiles!) Dinner is absolutely on me next time, and I insist. ;).

A lifetime shout out to Miss Sarabi. We missed you, and in fact you called whilst we spoke praise of you. Wild. And a lifetime shout to Jazzi. Your name came up numerous times.

Good ppl are meant to meet.

So whilst Jose Parla hangs his art, Todd Terry plays the part. Classic (not old school) NY party sh*t. Enjoy. Say Wrd.

Hasta la proxima vez.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ode to The Ghetto


What a week. 1st Stones Throw announces Move in Toronto, then they confirm the long awaited release: Guilty Simpson's Ode To The Ghetto.

Last year, Guilty released a well received and celebrated Stray Bullets mixtape that cats stood in single file for. Guilty has been the buzz for quite sometime and there seemed to be no stopping the swelling of his fanbase.

Look for production to be handled mostly by a mix of Madlib, Black Milk and Oh No. The late and greatest Dilla will also be given production credits. Ode also features the much talked about dream team of Jesus Price, Black and GS himself. So it's been written: March 25th is the day the gun talk picks up where Dilla left it off. Ironically, GS is the coolest guy around. Real quiet cat. We got to rap in London his summer @ a ST show @ the infamous Cargo. Anyhow, do your due Dillagence and make sure to grab it when it drops.

So whilst you duck frantically from all the strays, Guilty Simpson calmly plays. (back to back days w/ GS). Shouts to my man Eric Lau for the banger.

Monday, January 14, 2008

MOVE: Stones Throw x Dilla, FEB 16th 2007 @ Wrong Bar

Man, I knew I was going to have a great day. I slept well this weekend, had a great breakfast and was starting to plan things in my head - great things. I've been in touch with House Shoes since last fall trying to set things up for February's Dilla month in Toronto. But I knew there were rumblings of something bigger to take place.... An they were confirmed today in an email:

Stones Throw is bringing the Chitown bi-monthly to Toronto: MOVE.

I had been trying to get down to that night in the Chi for a min (I like heading down there + I have yet to go to Sonotech), but as of today, it has officially made it's move to Toronto.

On deck will be: Egon, J-Rocc & Madlib. We dearly missed J-Rocc @ The Dec 1st tour stop. But, we'll have him in the best environment. Add Madlib, and Egon? If that were not crazy enough, it might get even crazier. Why you ask??

★ February is Dilla Month ★.

The Stones Throw massive will make certain that the man's legacy carries onwards. For anyone who recalls the April 2007 event @ Revival, you know that this one will be just as bananas.

So the count down is on.

This info is so fresh, many of the details have now been ironed out and they go something like this:

Stones Throw x GoodFoot presents: MOVE
Featuring J-Rocc, Karriem Riggins, Egon & Koushik.
February 16th, 2007.
@ Wrong Bar: 1279 Queen West
Ticket details: $15 (with proceeds going to Ma Dukes) and avail @ Play De Record, Rotate This.
FaceBook group here.

Take Notice.

Stones Throw bills it, J Dilla and Guilty Simpson kills it. Enjoy.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

For Whom The Bell Tolls

My most sincere condolences.

Music Majors are dying a slow and painful death. Slow as they have somehow yet to realize they're relevance is nearly insignificant in the new market place, and painful as they convince themselves the music they put out is top shottaz.

I only thank the majors for @ one time employing me, and @ another time for letting me go. Sumnambulism sucks. My love for music and my network grew xfolds afterwards and I have never looked back or been happier since.

At present, my quotidian routine is unaffected by their release schedule, whilst I do my best to offer my peers a relief schedule. One which will provide you what you've been thirsting for: mucho sabor, or flavor if you like. Too many times however, marvelous melodies have been manacled by music label megalomaniacs who are as adrift as a cat with no whiskers.

My good friend Jack Davey of J*Davey fame has penned a brilliant missive to the afore mentioned:

"lights out !" : an open letter to the record industry & the idiots who work for the fascist regime .

[tisk, tisk, tisk]

We are all mortals so why fight it? Labels play like they're Methuselah. The most important corporations in music or not even labels! They are all bracing themselves for MacWorld next week.

"There's gonna be alot of slow singin
And flower bringin..."
- Notorious B.I.G.

Flowers to the 19 who all got canned yesterday @ Universal Music Group in Toronto. Is the sky not beautiful?

Regardless, shouts to Jack, Brooke. Victory shall be ours.

Jack sPRayed the facts, Metallica wields the axe. Enjoy.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

6 Million Dollar Man

So, I get this email from my man Daouda about his boy, DJ and TV host Clinton Sparks who's in Las Vegas this weekend. Also happens to be same weekend as AVN Awards, and they'll be co-hosted by poster boy for home video, William Ray Norwood Jr aka Brandy's little bro bka, Ray J.

At this point in time, we probably all remember that Ray J was a key conspirator in one of the more celebrated sex tape gates: the scandalous crushing of California cutie Kim Kardashian (DAMN!).

As usual, the freaky footage of fervent fornication was leaked as quick as a Jay Z advance promo, and the train derailed.

To add on, Ray J had started negotiations w/ adult film production house Vivid for the rights to the footage, which they opened the coffers for. 6 Millions clams later, your man Ray J was on the phone w/ Jacob the Jeweler sizing up the type of ice that would make Bird Man from Ca$h Money gasp. Word is, he was worth every penny of the 6 Mils. The Sex Tape was apparently Vivid's top selling title of 07. (click above for the trailer).

Meanwhile, your Academy Award whiner KK was chasing good ol' Ray Ray, and getting nay nay. Listen to this vmail she left him.

In any case, Kim's now got her own TV spot, and is now soon to be Ms. Reggie Bush (can someone check his Visa statement for an online purchase via vivid video?). Ray J's got a new LP *coming* out and has been seemingly inked to a 4 movie deal. Say wrd.

308331 was the last count of all his friends on his myspace. How many of them do you think knew he was a singer? BTW, does someone have Brandy's cell #??

Sh*t. Ray J laid it, Akinyele will play it.



Monday, January 07, 2008


Have you been known to lose control?? Do you oft binge? Have you ever been convicted?? Or even arrested?? Or maybe, you're known to police?? Well, if you're feeling a little warm, I might be talking to you.

A few days ago, after getting myspaced by my girl CB, I leaned back in my macbook black leather loveseat and pondered: how many have suffered? How many more must suffer? What of you ask?? High fashion crimes and misdemeanours.

You know 'em well. The ones who step to the festive function in the most heinous habiliments , gruesome garb and vile vestments. What are you to do?? In this age of Social Networking sites such as Facebook and... um.. Facebook, can you risk having such persons just ruin a great shot as the flash picked them up and their awful attire?? ARGH!!
If I've described someone close to you, you are obligated as a close and caring friend to approach them and discuss their difficulties. When all else fails however, there is recourse:

F.A.G.G.: Friends Against Ghastly Gear.

FAGG believes it’s possible to eliminate the tragedy of despicable dress and prevent further ruining of dates and mixer attendance.
If you or a loved one has been affected by a such crime, FAGG is there to help you. They have more than 400 trained victim advocates nationwide that provide bereaved friends, acquaintances and traumatized victims with:

  • emotional support

  • various publications (Complex, Nylon mag and other like periodicals)

  • appointments w/ stylists @ a discounted rate

  • Photoshop classes to cut out the malefactor after the malfeasance.

However, we know that very wise adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of press from paparazzi.
Interception @ inception is the key. With that, I offer a cure - for the fellas.

I present to you, the latest from the infamous HUFSET:

Nothing like getting your head right, before FAGG gets involved (holy triple entendre). My man Meg@ and the good ppl @ Huf know the time. A mix of flawless designs, fabrics and graphics have helped Huf become one of the top if not THE top New Era independent in North Am. This time, they set you straight with a fresh Herringbone pack. Plus they f*ck with the 8th letter all day. Say wrd.

Start the healing @ the top. ;)

And whilst you get your gear on point, De La Soul will play the joint. Shouts to my girl CB. Good Look!