Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1ne Hundred: You Know What Love Is. (1 for Dilla)

★ ★ 1 0 0 ★ ★

So I sat there wondering what should be the perfect announcement for my one hundredth post. What better to announce my 1st official night:

Yep. And it goes like this:

You Know What Love Is.
Thursday Feb 21st 2007 @ Andy's Pool Hall
489 College St, Toronto.
Along side world famous CRCL RSRCH as part of Rock it. Shouts to Nik T for the link.
The entire night will be FREE!
Mark it pon your calendar.

To commemorate his life, I will play from James Yancey's extensive catalog, but as well play my entire set on an MP.

Say it with me 1 time...

I'm pretty pumped. Been longing to set a more serious DJ schedule for those who love that Robotica™. Let's GO!

So whilst I bang out the snares and kicks, my man J.Rawls pays tribute w/ that smooth sh*t. Enjoy.


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