Wednesday, January 30, 2008

313 Harmonies

I know that I carry some aliases, some more well known than others (Hza, Hizzy, Mr. October, Hizzla, King Of Candyland, I didn't know that was your girl, Enrique Pandillero and Piece of Work). My man Mark Pritchard, aka Trouble Man aka Harmonic 313 def got a few his own, and this week has released on EP under that Harmonic313 moniker.
313. Sound or look familiar? If you're a fan of the infamous D, this should. It is one of the more celebrated area codes around: Detroit.
Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313 is a long time electronic music producer who's also got that soulful strut instead of that syncopated staccato some electronic cats like to serve. He's had some brilliant rmxs left and right and on Monday Jan 28th, Warp Records released his new record, Harmonic 313's EP1.
If you're fan of that future music, what I am now calling Robotica™, you'll absolutely enjoy this one. And to boot, sprinkle in some of that Detroit swing, and you'll be certain to add this one to your recent rotation.
But, one of my favorite parts of this release is the online element:

By entering the site you're immediately taken to a spacescape very reminiscent of that scifi classic Tron: the artwork is just brilliant. But even more fun is the game you're prompted to play by the most vintage of voices: Speak & Spell.

Anyhow, there is a prize 1nce you've completed the 5 levels: you'll be offered a free download of a secret track unavailable on the EP1.

Whilst Harmonic313 dot com takes you for a spelling bee in space, Call To Arms will set the pace. Enjoy.

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