Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deepest Debt

Indeed. Much debt is owed in so many ways. 1st apologies must go to my physical being. Since late August and esp in the last 5 weeks, I have forced my body thru some of the most torturous sleep deprivation. So, when Sunday Oct 28th finally came, atonement and reparations were in order.

I then owe an apology to anyone who even tried to pass thru The Newest Era™. Seemingly, nothing's been gwanning here - though the absolute opposite was the fact, and really too much was on the plate. I'll be sure to get into that very soon.
Lastly, the deepest debt out to RedBull Canada and the Music Academy. The winds of change have been blowing since Sept 21st, and my sail has been up for it. A massive thank you. A separate post will follow full of shots...

In any case, the grind continues. Back @ work.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Against The Grain

The RBMA tales continue.... Never considered myself the benchmark for good music, or the litmus test for the next sound, but I have for years been leaning left of center. Since the early days of me as a college radio as a listener (and later a programmer), listening to Elorius Kane from Ottawa's CKCU. He 1nce ran a show that exposed me to tons of experimental - music that back then no category. It still struggles to find a grouping to this day. But I knew that I loved it. Anyhow, this one's for Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke aka HudMo.

I had been always a fan of the boom and the bap, but I've now added the blip. Seriously. Love it. My man 6L6 said it most frankly: "I wanna do that glitchy sh*t."

My man, Dr. Who Dat got his own thoughts, and I do feel you my dude. You're making that early call and I see it. But I love it still - and you got hella bangers too. So, this one is for one of the funnest showcases yet @ the RBMA07 here in Toronto. Had a blast dudes. Let's do it again. In fact, I hear you will tonight @ The Drake. I'm stoked. Let's take it upstream guys and well against the grain.

Music pls.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Six Six Six

Is it really the # of the beast?? Well, I would argue that over a few times, and I love Bruce Dickinson on top of that (when he had long hair).

SO, BLK BTLZ have a surprise show tonight @ the Beacs. Your boy's bday was yesterday and I wanted to blow it all out and go hard. Then work got real busy. So I had to keep it low key. So, I'm taking it to the Beacs and just makin it real fam like. So, if i ever borrowed money from you, that's cuz I consider you fam. So come thru. If I ever dated your sister? That's just cuz I love you too. So come thru. If I ever chopped your cousin, that's just cuz she was watching me all night. So come thru, and let your cuz know to bring the v-neck I left over there.

Haha. Just playing. I already got my v-neck.

In anycase, I will be playing some bangers that night despite having a hell of a time playing last night w/ Serato. WOW. +, I just realized that I was AS rusty as Jordan on his return. So lemme take that last comment back. No better than J, more like just as bad. But i'll be working on that. Best believe. So until then, come toast w/ your Fave Ex Boyfriend™!

So, here it is:

BLK BTLZ present
The 666 Bday Event for
My Man Henri aka Your Fave Ex Boyfriend™
Wednesday October 10th, @ The Beaconsfield - 1154 Queen St West
Soundtrack by the Mighty BLK BTLZ (JR, DD, RC, HB)

Come one, come all.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Better than Jordan

After some years of contemplating a return, I will essentially make it official: Your Fave Ex Boyfriend™ is back! I will dust off the needles and come out of retirement to take another stab @ the 12s. Been a while but I forever missed playing out. Much of this is due to my most recent stint as a member of the Red Bull Music Academy. It's been so motivating. Considering that I have constant access to music I love, why the hell not.
In any case, DJs need not to worry as I'm not here to cut the pie that much thinner. The majority are out playing the same and I'm going in a place seldom occupied if @ all. Where's that?? Well, come check me out Tuesday Oct 9th @ the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Hub located @ 394 Queen St West from 5-7pm. Will be a blast. RBMA will be screening tees for free. Might be rusty, but this will be the 1st of many nights to come.

Hope to see you there. Info below, but you can also check out the the FaceBook event.

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