Thursday, October 18, 2007

Against The Grain

The RBMA tales continue.... Never considered myself the benchmark for good music, or the litmus test for the next sound, but I have for years been leaning left of center. Since the early days of me as a college radio as a listener (and later a programmer), listening to Elorius Kane from Ottawa's CKCU. He 1nce ran a show that exposed me to tons of experimental - music that back then no category. It still struggles to find a grouping to this day. But I knew that I loved it. Anyhow, this one's for Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke aka HudMo.

I had been always a fan of the boom and the bap, but I've now added the blip. Seriously. Love it. My man 6L6 said it most frankly: "I wanna do that glitchy sh*t."

My man, Dr. Who Dat got his own thoughts, and I do feel you my dude. You're making that early call and I see it. But I love it still - and you got hella bangers too. So, this one is for one of the funnest showcases yet @ the RBMA07 here in Toronto. Had a blast dudes. Let's do it again. In fact, I hear you will tonight @ The Drake. I'm stoked. Let's take it upstream guys and well against the grain.

Music pls.


Anonymous said...

Hello from cold Moscow.
Samiyam + Hudson Mo...its amazing!
When we hear this magic?

XPOM from Shkaf & Shtopor

Hza said...

Hey! Man, this music will keep you nice and warm. Hopefully, we'll get an album or EP from both pretty soon.

Big up Moscow!