Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Six Six Six

Is it really the # of the beast?? Well, I would argue that over a few times, and I love Bruce Dickinson on top of that (when he had long hair).

SO, BLK BTLZ have a surprise show tonight @ the Beacs. Your boy's bday was yesterday and I wanted to blow it all out and go hard. Then work got real busy. So I had to keep it low key. So, I'm taking it to the Beacs and just makin it real fam like. So, if i ever borrowed money from you, that's cuz I consider you fam. So come thru. If I ever dated your sister? That's just cuz I love you too. So come thru. If I ever chopped your cousin, that's just cuz she was watching me all night. So come thru, and let your cuz know to bring the v-neck I left over there.

Haha. Just playing. I already got my v-neck.

In anycase, I will be playing some bangers that night despite having a hell of a time playing last night w/ Serato. WOW. +, I just realized that I was AS rusty as Jordan on his return. So lemme take that last comment back. No better than J, more like just as bad. But i'll be working on that. Best believe. So until then, come toast w/ your Fave Ex Boyfriend™!

So, here it is:

BLK BTLZ present
The 666 Bday Event for
My Man Henri aka Your Fave Ex Boyfriend™
Wednesday October 10th, @ The Beaconsfield - 1154 Queen St West
Soundtrack by the Mighty BLK BTLZ (JR, DD, RC, HB)

Come one, come all.

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