Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shouts To Fred Perry & KamaSUEtra!

Say Wrd.

Shouts to both Fred Perry and KamaSUEtra! indeed. The mandem were outfitted in some clean Fred Perry for this party taking place very soon. Can't really spill the beans, but Black Beatles are playing a f*cking Grammy® nominated artist after party. WTF?
Yep. Gonna be kinda nice. June. That's all I will say right now.

Wonder if my most recent diet + the good cycling has resulted in my fitting into a size small. Hmmmm?? Ladies, don't let the smooth taste fool you as I like to say. ;)

Anyhow, I'm pretty pumped.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Getting My Heart-On (Fundraiser)

Yea, I know x 2.

It's been a while. Sorry. I've been spending all my time here, whilst I've been contemplating massive redesign on this end.

But, on another note....

Many if not most of you know that I've been spending lots of my spare time cycling. Love the peace it's offered me along side the cardio that I'm getting from it. It's allowed me to remain full of vim and vigor, maintain my boyish looks as well as keeping a diver's body. LOL. Many of you on twitter know that I'm an ambassador of healthy and responsible diets, and that may have some play in it as well.
All of this however, has allowed me to take on a new challenge: The Becel Heart+Stroke Ride
Did you know that heart disease and stroke is responsible for 1 in 3 Canadian deaths every year? Nuts.
So to help change the afore outlined statistic, I’m participating in the Becel Heart+Stroke Ride for Heart on Sunday, June 7 2009. This is a 50km ride!

I'll mount the infamous W.O.W. aka white on white aka the Wowery (Giant Bowery) and ride the Holy Grail of bike paths in Toronto:
The Gardiner Expressway & The DVP.
What cyclist would pass up an opportunity to ride 50 KMS along this path?? Even more so, this will be for a great cause.

I decided late to join and register, but no better time than the present. I have 6 days to raise what I think is an achievable goal of $600 CAD: 6 in 6. So, with an impassioned and wholehearted plea, I ask for your support.

You can find my donation page by clicking here. Enter a donation amount, and click continue. It can all be done in moments with a credit card.

With a $5 donation from 100 ppl ($4.50 USD, 3£/€ for all my International friends) , I'll be close to reaching my goal. But I feel I can do better. (I'm sure hope our friendship is worth more than $5. And that's cheaper than most Toronto parking!) In fact, if I can raise $1000, i'll cut off (or trim) what was formerly known as a beard, but has now become facial shrubbery. LOL.

Regardless, I'll have a great time as I'll be riding with other members of the fixed/single speed community for an even greater cause.

Look for updates on this one as time goes on.

And thx again for your support, be it moral or monetary. ;)

Wish me luck! I have less than 1 week.