Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Much Fun


That's when I last had seen this much snow. I certainly wasn't complaining esp in light of the milder temp. The Celcius meter never really dipped whilst in the nation's capital. I was in mostly in a shell and tee (as you can see), and left my Goose @ the crib. But I also had no real plans on leaving my yard anyhow, if not only to catch up to old friends who had facebooked me (officially a verb yes).

But the whole week was spent sleeping beyond my usual 4-5 hrs of shut-eye, eating like an Egyptian King and laughing with family. Nothing better. My fully naturalized mother was probably the happiest out of all of us to see this much snow as she could show you that Xmas Spirit is a tangible product. ;)

YUL fam was in the house, and they need to get a shout beyond the unconditional love, for linking the salt fish patties. They got run tough!

Fam was the focus indeed. Don't get to see my Aunt like I 1nce used to. Infact, my whole fam escapes me more than not these days, so these events and moments are indeed all the rage and fun.

Same goes for some good friends I have out there that I got to see in a more social setting: The local bar. Good Look.

Ha! I always know I'm in YOW after I order 2 jager Bombs, 1 Heinie and a Gin & Soda and the total is $21. Are you kidding me? @ these prices, I'm glad I left the city. But I held a friendly salute indeed: Family, friends and your boy Cero Ocho who is about to ring my door bell. Say wrd.

These last 10 days were the proverbial calm before the storm. Lemme enjoy it one last time. ;)

Hizzla! (Crank Dat)!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Live Long And Prosper


That's the the time that's past since I last put my body through any kind of physical activity. As much as ppl do think I'm in good shape as I watch what I eat, I think the ticker could be in better condition.
So my man Romance hits me up and is like:

"Dude. we're going shredding @ Blue. You down?". Hell yea.

I swore that I would go riding this year, and in fact had gone looking for goods from one of my fave brands.

Analog jkt: check
DUB pants: check
Lobster Claw: Check.
Long Js: check.

I was ready to go.

Romance hooked the gear up thru now my man Alex aka Jean Ferré. Good look for the Nitro board and the Raiden bindings dude. All was tight.

Weather was as perfect as it could get - snowy and mild.

After a few rides to shake the cobwebs (well, full on remove in fact), I was able to enjoy the rest of the day - not trying to keep up with the mandem, but def handle mine eventually. Blue Mountain still got the best of me though: I was wiped and hella sore the next day, but a good pain. Needed a Geisha that night in ways you couldn't imagine. Looking fwd to going back out. Gonna try for 1nce of 2wice a week if I may in the new year.

As it happens, I was trying to take a ski vaca this time around. I always do sun and sand. I'll ready to do it up like Jack Burton man. Who's down??


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

White on White....

"So much coke, that you could run the slalom" - Jigga Man.

Enough of that white stuff to make both Tony Montana and Alberto Tomba aka Tomba La Bomba hella proud. Yo, we got dumped on - straight up. In fact, I was almost stranded in NYC this past week. Anyhow, I have no contretemps or quarrel with Mother Nature or her snow. I actually think it's fun to get to play in these frozen flakes, as you will soon see. Just hate the fact that I have no winter tires and must remain nearly quarantined and leave my car parked. Sucks.
And all of this has happened still days before the very 1st day of winter - which is 4 days from now I believe.
In anycase, I'm in all likelihood going riding this week. Not been in almost... 6 years?? Ha. This will be a blast!
How fun was it to pull out some old DUB brand pants (what happened to them anyhow?? I just know they were bought out), and I got to wear my Analog Audex jkt. Still love it.

Man. That was kinda fun. Tobogganing must be next. Gunna! Where you @??
I'm all in. I'll leave the broom behind still.

Monday, December 10, 2007

6400kms Close


So, sometime this year I believe, I recall transferring some photos from my trusty indigo Sony P100 to my BlkBook ans for some reason, the order of all the shots was off. Perplexed, I took a closer look @ the # system as it should be numeric. And indeed it was. My problem was that I had passed the 10000 photo mark. And since the default # system on most Sonys is 4 digits, after shot 9999, my digi reset to DSC0000. As such, some of my more recent shots turned up buried somewhere in some old archived ones.
Some of which where the ones from this summer.
Which leads me to this...
Ever wonder how ppl from different backgrounds, upbringings, nationalities and GPOS (geographical position) can somehow have parallel and homologous thoughts? Is there a glitch in the Matrix? Maybe not. But this will always fascinate me: ppl that is.
Yesterday, I had a marathon chat w/ a friend online. We chatted about everything under Jupiter's 63 moons, including photography. There was a time where my digi was in the shop, but we both professed our love and need for traveling w/ our camera to capture it as it happens.
Going through her vast array of photos on her myspace, I stumbled on this one (click below):

Whoa. I quickly searched thru some of my own archived shots, only to then pull this up (click again):

She's now convinced I'm the long lost twin she's longed for. As marvelous as these shots were, being a twin might pose other problems - like staring @ infinity (the shame!)... The 6402 kms suddenly seem so illsuory. How long is the drive if I take the 1a?

This summer it is then. Photo shoot pt2 (&3 apparently).

Your Fave Ex Boyfriend.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Special (for you): Stones Throw in NYC

There's something to be said about being @ a show in NYC. Anything and everything can happen. This summer, I got see that 1st hand. So when I got a txt from my man JS telling me that the Stones Throw tour stop in NY would have a very special guest, I started to sulk. Toronto 0, NYC 2. We missed out on Aloe, Guilty, J Rocc and MED only to have more salt by hearing that Erykah Badu showed her pretty little southern belle self in @ the NY show and did new joints (Madlib beats)? Yea, I'm bummed.
I then got an AIM from NY and LAX pals minutes apart with a link to shots of the show.
Turns out the were taken by my man Mel D Cole form around way. Met him a few years back and just kept running into this dude. Good work dude, and where's your dad from again?? wowsers.

Stunning as they are, am obliged to share em.
You can find the shots from the show, along w/ the rest of his work here: Village Slum dot com, or click the image below to get to the site.
Enjoy these sights...

....and now the sound.

MED (Medaphoar) had this banger he did w/ a Badu sample on the hook. Ran this incessantly when it 1st dropped. No indication that they performed this but, enjoy it nonetheless.

MED feat E. Badu (Madlib produced)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Funky Drummer: Karriem Riggins

I still recall separate Common and Kweli tours coming thru Toronto and cats were always linedup after the show outside the green rooms trying to who knows what. I would always ask: Where's Karriem?? Trying to holla @ him real quick and talk about this BBE record + the Riggins produced Club Banger feat Dwele was one of my fave joints EVER. Although that BBE record never took place, he was picked up by Stones Throw for this Supreme Team project and was immediately thrust in the spotlight. How could you not when your partner's the excentric Madlib...
So the 2K8 Bounce Tour came and went, and the highlight was a Supreme Team set which included a drum solo by the diocese of Detroit, Karriem Riggins.

I wish Karriem would put out a instrumental record and/or some breaks. Now's the time since cats are really checking for him. In any case, I'm happy to see him get some of that overdue attention. Top of all that, he's got style, and certainly the most out of anyone @ Stones Throw. I'll never forget seeing him in some hi-cut Y-3s I'd been looking for.. Argh! Anyhow, really looking fwd to that Supreme Team record.
In the interim, here's a sample. Enjoy.

Take the Red Pill Neo (Post King)

I should have done the same - is all I thought to myself reading these same words as they mysteriously appeared on my phone. As much as the weather was starting to take a turn for the worst and it got pretty cold, Friday night started well.
Headed over to LoKi for quick drink and shout to Soul Shack and Soul on Ice for the love. Caught up w/ TR Gunna who was riding shot gun that night - heels + fishnets and all. ;)
To quote NIN:

It was a downward spiral from there.

Catching up w/ King Britt and hearing about his coming projects was amazing. He also added he was settling in Philly for a while as the touring was starting to wear his patience thin. Well, I sorta get it. But the Grey Goose bottle service was eventually offered and well, I obliged. The real problems started @ bottle #2. Simply put, after chaperoning Gunna back to her yard, I somehow made it home as well, unwisely by myself.
As I recall (what little I do):
woke @ 8
stepped out.
went back home.
Popped the blue pills but nothing. Man.

and in bed for all day light and most of eve.

I'll spare you the deets, but this mirrored the now famous Bird and Tangerine episodes. Yuck.
I 1nce again will udergo a voluntary detox.
Shouts to TRG, Dapper D, JonJon, Diamantes, iVana (London, eh??) and King of course... Had a blast!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

ASG Test

right click here fi download.