Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nights Out


This is like my 2nd night in a row up past 5am, and I'm on my way to 6... But this is how I oft spend these nights, esp when i get on a roll researching. Research?

Well, this is what my desk is like most times. Black pseudo epoxy tabletop, 2 laptops and the low lights: one with the main music library, and the other I use to work on music with Serato/Logic and 2 hi speed feeds for both. But how can I stop when there's so much out there? My newest find??

Why is all the fun music coming out of EU?? I could really care less, other than the fact that I'm pissed that I'm not out there. Soon come.

But all is love.

The sacrificial sleep is all for you (after me of course). I do my best work & reflection @ these ridiculous times.


Ok. Lemme get ready for bed. It's so late, I might be able to call my dearest early bird retired parents. Miss you guys. In fact, I always jump @ night since i hear the paper slam against my window when it's being delivered. Imagine that....

So, I'll take my ass up stairs since my night is finally done. Loaded, and ready to rawk is my man, Catalan speaking Skymark w/ a dedication to my pops, part 1. Pce and enjoy..

Enrique Pandillero.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knock Knock: Slott Slott

What a last 8 months.

My return to music could not have been better scripted. Seriously. RBMA did for me in so many ways. Made me believe again and made me look for more music. So I found it. But it's also seemingly found me. Why more ppl are not paying attention baffles me. There's a new guard out there, and they're far from home.

So after a good chuckle online w/ my man and former RBMA participant Mike Slott aka one half of Heralds Of Change, he hits me later all the way for Dublin to tell me his new single is out. Say wrd?? Bet. It's one of 7 releases as part of a 7" (45) series from All City.

He's blessed me online with countless gems, and would you believe that my man & I have yet to even meet? That's love right there. So I show it back. I copped that new release on iTunes, and you too can buy it here. To boot, it's iTunes Plus.

Cats are working hard so that we have sh*t to bump in the iPod, iTouch, iPhones.... So I can certainly part with $1.98 to say the least. For quality joints?? All day.

Anyhow, looking fwd to more joints my dude. You killed me out the gate w/ Flunky and that Nicole Willis rmx, and cats are still @ chiro appointments to this day cuz of it. LOL.

Let's break bread soon. Will it be NY, Toronto or Barce?? You call it! ;)

Knock Knock?? It's Slott. Get right and go cop. Wrd. Enjoy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rollin Rollin Roland


That's all I'm trying to do. So, some know that I've been talking about getting an epoxy kitchen countertop - where I'll start to spend some time cooking... Holy triple entendre.

So, looking for some little toys here and there, my man Delphi oracle got hooks, Hizzy gets a look.

The Roland SP-555 is what I ended up putting my hands on. I certainly wanted a sampler to run some extra boom to my sets, but I also knew that I use it to screw around some more, beyond just triggering some sounds.

Wrd is that Madlib is a big fan of the SP series with the 303 aka Dr Sample being the weapon of choice and apparently also using the SP-606. The 555 is seemingly of the same family. Pads, sampling, effects... All I need.

So on a friday aft, I get the call from Delphi. Head to the west my man, the west..... So I jumped on the hwy and made my way down to Mississauga. One of the few and rare times. But for this? hell yea...

Got my box, and made my way back home. The proverbial unboxing took place:

Fresh from the warehouse...

Anyhow I'm off to buy a CF card to store some sounds. Can't wait. Next 92BPM might be pretty fresh. And speaking of 92 BPM, this 1st one was what i expected: attended by true fans of the riddims. Looks like I had gems and still did not even begging to get into what's out there. But I do have some surprises in store.

Shouts to my man Sylvr Mayne, Nick H, Oli etc... I could go on. Anyhow, come out for the next one for some of that Baptism by Beats from your man, El Salvador!



Monday, April 21, 2008

Still the Spirit of 92 (v1.5)

"I usually to rock around 92 bpms" - Jay Dee

In my endless pursuit of grooves (shouts for Pursuit Grooves), I decided to throw something real quick and painless. Even though I had to kill the original night, (Thursday March 6th Two Thousand And Eight), you can still come and check for me:

92 BPMs. That's a nice tempo. Although, I have been enamored with riddims from the 85+ range (with a special exceptional shout to my man Samiyam for that 70 some bpm Crank Dat rmx). But seriously, there's so much good music out there that I can hold it back only so long. My man Jay has offered some priceless tutelage and it's again time to show my wares. On site will be the MP, much as I did that night @ Rockit but it almost sounds like ppl really took notice when I opened w/ Taktiks @ Stone Throw's MOVE 2 weeks ago. Say wrd.

Anyhow, the goal is to play good music, and have a good time. If you're down, you'll come check me, no??

Anyhow, here are the event deets:
92 (ninety-two) BPMs
Thursday April 24th 2008 - 22h-02h
Stone Lounge (below Revival) - 783 College
FREE all night.
FaceBook event is here

So there you have it. And, for who are tired of what you're used-ta, come thru 92 and come listen to some of this Brewster . Shouts to Suff for this ridiculous banger. Enjoy.
See you Thursday. say wrd.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Love: RBMA session in Halifax.

So, with the Tour Of Duty if full run - I was on my way to Halifax for a pretty hectic few days. Halifax on the 10th, back to Toronto to play the Stone's Throw MOVE the night of the 11th, then back to Montréal on the 12th to interview MTL's fave, A-trak.

Holly afro. Hey! Isn't that my man from The Roots?


So, I found myself in Halifax for the Red Bull Music Academy info session and this one would feature some acclaimed guests:

Peanut Butter Wolf, née Chris Manak & Ahmir Thompson aka ?uestlove. We were all 1st timers in Halifax. Holla'd @ my longtime brethren San Fran who happened to be out town (go figure). All is love though.

So leading up, all I could think of is what would I chat to these guys about?? There's quite a bit to cover but also wanted to keep it simple yet detail driven so that our crowd could take something home to chat about...

We ended up all over the place: from PBW chatting about being a white boy listening to early Public Enemy, to the mess that J Dilla's estate has become and his samples that were still left to clear, to new music coming out on Stones Throw and what the road/touring game has now become for the Roots. We kept it fun, fresh and factual.

The best had yet to come though. We were off to the Marquee Nightclub for a heavyweight dbl feature:

Peanut Butter Wolf & ?uestlove.

Could it get better?? PBW had landed the day before and went on a 45 hunt. "Cali is tapped" as he put it. So, as he spent the whole night rocking 45s and many of the 25-30 he bought during this trip, ?uest came thru rocking hip hop classic and the breaks they emerged from, sometime recreating the actual break himself.

and your boy PB Wolf's @ the edge of panic and cuts it up...

One unforgettable moment was when I sat on stage drinking Moosehead only to suddenly be frozen. What was this I was hearing?!?! I ran to the DJ booth to see what PBW was killing me with. This is was it.

Still unclear as to what is was.... I confirmed it as I zoomed in.... WOW. The actual test pressing! Dilla killing me again. How did this man do it so well?? RIP indeed. Shouts to my man GripFast who set me right. Look for this to get played @ the next 92BPM. Say wrd.

In any case, the night was a blast and although these shots will not tell the whole story - they tell a great one and you'll get it.

Created with this app.

You can look @ a larger and more complete slideshow here

But what would this post be w/o a gem that pretty much spoke of both PBW and ?uest's undying love?? 1nce again, shouts to GripFast who hit me with the Signs, and now take in another Dilla goodness baby, Shine!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Move (Something): Friday April 11th 2008

Say f*cking wrd.

So, the last few weeks have been nothing but goodness. 1st came Hella International 2008 in Miami. What a blast.
Came back, and did the Junos w/ RedBull for the Academy Session, and that was fun. I have another one tomorrow, but I come back in time for a prestigious gig:


We got MadLib the Bad Kid in the house to hit us w/ that sh*t. Man... This will be bananas. Egon is back again (with his long trench no doubt), and for the 1st time ever, Jamie Strong - purveyor of fine vibes from the prestigious Do Over in LA.

Special Guests??

Taktiks of 88.1's Mixtape Massacre/Hero fame and ya boy, My Man Henri, bringing you some of that 92 BPMs shit. Yea. Looking fwd to the gig despite the fact that I will be banging it out in the weak hrs of the night, likely opening. 9pm. I'm cool with that for sure. Hell... I'm playing w/ Stones Throw man!

So if you wanna hear some of those bangers I've been holding like Rugers, come thru early and play the bar whilst a blow your wig back. LOL.

Anyhow the deets:

MOVE - Toronto Edition.
Friday April 11th 2008
feat MADLIB, Egon, and introducing Jamie Strong
Special Guest: Taktiks & My Man Henri <--- YEAH!
@ Wrong Bar - 1279 Queen St West.
$15 in adv. Tckts avail @ Play De Record & Rotate This.

What else do you need?? Were're giving you the world man! Just like this next joint... Expect to hear this during my set. Shouts to Byron & Onra w/ their f*cking Chinoiseries. ;)


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hella Live: MadLib Live DJ Set @ Raleigh Hotel, WMC 2008

This was bound to happen.

Stones Throw decides that they will release the live recordings of the DJ sets @ Hella International last month. They start off with the Witch Doctor himself: MadLib.

Anyhow, all you need to do is click and get the MadLib one. Dope.

They better get that Karriem Riggims set out soon... Just make sure to read the disclaimer about keeping a neck brace close, and to not be operating a motor vehicle. It was soooo sick.

Here's a taste...

BTW, my Hella International pics are up for perusal. Enjoy.

Created with my man's application.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Young Dirty Bastid: RBMA Sessions, Calgary

Here we go! So, I'm starting what will be 3 thrilling weeks of RBMA sessions across the country.
We just had a quick one in Calgary with your boy Skratch Bastid who was nominated for a producer of the year Juno (dayum! Good Look dude).

Anyhow, all was love and it was a blast hearing my man's ascension in the ranks and his love for Old School raps! I've said it in the past and I'll say it again:
SB is one of the hardest working cats in the DJ game. You need to go peep one of his sets @ the Drake. He'll be back soon. But it was nice to hear let ppl know that even from a smaller market like Halifax, you can certainly make it happen - you just need that drive. He 1nce battled punks on the two turn tables, and now, he runs Logic and Serato w/ a Trigger Finger - which freaked a few cats out. SHOW EM! Midi all day. ;).

He mentioned this famous battle set that really put him on the map. Here it is....

Nonetheless, shouts to Small Town DJ Pete who ran the couch session. Shouts to Joanna and Miche for holding it down as well. Good look.
Bastid then proceeded to rip the RedBull Juno party to shreds with likely the best set of the night. Say wrd.

And that was before Russell Peters (that's right) came to do double team the Technics during "Ante UP!". You had to be there.

Now, in honor of my man Bastid, I gotta drop this joint. I loved it when it 1st dropped, and I love the fact that you put cats on to it as well. Say wrd. So if you ain't ugly, make some cot damn noise!

Promixa Vez: Off to Halifax for 2 acclaimed guests that I will reveal later. PS - I gotta get my hotel blogging game up a few notches. The bed can be such a back breaker though. OUCH! Fa sho a massive shout to Jk & DL. Let's do it!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bull Riding: RBMA Sessions

Now's the time.

Just days removed from the sun and sand, I've gone west for steer and sessions. ?!?! I've just left for Calgary (Big Up Corey Dawkins) for the start of the RBMA Tour Of Duty. The RedBull Music Academy has opened the doors to the competition for the 60 most prestigious spots. This year, the RBMA is in Barcelona so all your cats from Toronto/Canada who did not want to apply for fear of getting stiffed for the lack of travel, the time is now.
I was @ the Miami info session during WMC, and hearing Leroy Burgess recounting his career past, present and future was simply awesome.

So now, you're boy's running some sessions all across the country: Halifax, Montréal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto of course. I'm here in Calgary for the Skratch Bastid session and the RedBull Juno party. Should be a blast. More on that tomorrow.
Anyhow, look for some application info for all you cats who have asked in the past. Make it happen!



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

From Miami With Love

Jesus. I'm wiped.
The sun in Miami is .... uncommon, exceptional and just plain old overwhelming @ times. As usual, I can attest to that via a good old burn (ladies, hands off: my shoulders and neck feel like vintage leather). 30 spf is now apparently useless. Ha.

Anyhow, I shall mark this one as another classic. As usual, had a blast w/ the mandem. Now even sure where to start... My man Ty G must have that photographic mem. I don't! ;)
So shouts too all the good ppl I got to re:up w/: Ty G, Delfi, Niques, Bry, Spence, Wulf, Benji, Waajeed, King, Vik, RUCYL!! (how funny was that?!! I need that pic! jump n wave!), 4th P! (all day. Let's build), my Stones Throw Fam, Jamie, Egon - see you cats in like 9 days, and PBW (see you in like 8 days), BlackSpade! Sean, Garwin (dude, what happened?!?! argh), Geo-logy, Kissey (ARGH! I hope this summer), Jay Dev, Daniella, cannot forget Hit + Run who hold me down, and the new muchachos and muchachas I met... Looking fwd to linking. Man, this is too much...
Ok. Shouts to all.
I'll tell you about the parties when you ask me. Too much to cover in 1 post. I still have videos to upload. ARGH. I have like almost 2 gigs in pics. Here are a few and I have a link to more @ the bottom. Anyhow, I just know this:
1. what a small f*cking world, wouldn't you say Yani? Whoa.
2. I'm getting a Canon camera.
3. Next year is now.
4. Look out for Zaki. She's got some ppl rooting for her, and it's not even funny.

Well, this might be some time well wasted, but no jokes. Here are some pix, with another link to more @ the end. ;)

What a pretty room. lol.

shouts to my man 'Jeed.

Jamel said we needed more... sin duda.

G-O-D... father part 3

Bananas! You know the name...

Real Bananas.

What you know about Mr. Appel?


Shouts to Aloe...

Buggin out WMC 2007

Buggin out WMC 2008

Small ass world I'm in.

Ok. Here are the rest of the pics pt1. Enjoy.

Now, back to the reg scheduled program. Chat soon.