Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knock Knock: Slott Slott

What a last 8 months.

My return to music could not have been better scripted. Seriously. RBMA did for me in so many ways. Made me believe again and made me look for more music. So I found it. But it's also seemingly found me. Why more ppl are not paying attention baffles me. There's a new guard out there, and they're far from home.

So after a good chuckle online w/ my man and former RBMA participant Mike Slott aka one half of Heralds Of Change, he hits me later all the way for Dublin to tell me his new single is out. Say wrd?? Bet. It's one of 7 releases as part of a 7" (45) series from All City.

He's blessed me online with countless gems, and would you believe that my man & I have yet to even meet? That's love right there. So I show it back. I copped that new release on iTunes, and you too can buy it here. To boot, it's iTunes Plus.

Cats are working hard so that we have sh*t to bump in the iPod, iTouch, iPhones.... So I can certainly part with $1.98 to say the least. For quality joints?? All day.

Anyhow, looking fwd to more joints my dude. You killed me out the gate w/ Flunky and that Nicole Willis rmx, and cats are still @ chiro appointments to this day cuz of it. LOL.

Let's break bread soon. Will it be NY, Toronto or Barce?? You call it! ;)

Knock Knock?? It's Slott. Get right and go cop. Wrd. Enjoy.

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