Saturday, April 05, 2008

Young Dirty Bastid: RBMA Sessions, Calgary

Here we go! So, I'm starting what will be 3 thrilling weeks of RBMA sessions across the country.
We just had a quick one in Calgary with your boy Skratch Bastid who was nominated for a producer of the year Juno (dayum! Good Look dude).

Anyhow, all was love and it was a blast hearing my man's ascension in the ranks and his love for Old School raps! I've said it in the past and I'll say it again:
SB is one of the hardest working cats in the DJ game. You need to go peep one of his sets @ the Drake. He'll be back soon. But it was nice to hear let ppl know that even from a smaller market like Halifax, you can certainly make it happen - you just need that drive. He 1nce battled punks on the two turn tables, and now, he runs Logic and Serato w/ a Trigger Finger - which freaked a few cats out. SHOW EM! Midi all day. ;).

He mentioned this famous battle set that really put him on the map. Here it is....

Nonetheless, shouts to Small Town DJ Pete who ran the couch session. Shouts to Joanna and Miche for holding it down as well. Good look.
Bastid then proceeded to rip the RedBull Juno party to shreds with likely the best set of the night. Say wrd.

And that was before Russell Peters (that's right) came to do double team the Technics during "Ante UP!". You had to be there.

Now, in honor of my man Bastid, I gotta drop this joint. I loved it when it 1st dropped, and I love the fact that you put cats on to it as well. Say wrd. So if you ain't ugly, make some cot damn noise!

Promixa Vez: Off to Halifax for 2 acclaimed guests that I will reveal later. PS - I gotta get my hotel blogging game up a few notches. The bed can be such a back breaker though. OUCH! Fa sho a massive shout to Jk & DL. Let's do it!


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