Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Move (Something): Friday April 11th 2008

Say f*cking wrd.

So, the last few weeks have been nothing but goodness. 1st came Hella International 2008 in Miami. What a blast.
Came back, and did the Junos w/ RedBull for the Academy Session, and that was fun. I have another one tomorrow, but I come back in time for a prestigious gig:


We got MadLib the Bad Kid in the house to hit us w/ that sh*t. Man... This will be bananas. Egon is back again (with his long trench no doubt), and for the 1st time ever, Jamie Strong - purveyor of fine vibes from the prestigious Do Over in LA.

Special Guests??

Taktiks of 88.1's Mixtape Massacre/Hero fame and ya boy, My Man Henri, bringing you some of that 92 BPMs shit. Yea. Looking fwd to the gig despite the fact that I will be banging it out in the weak hrs of the night, likely opening. 9pm. I'm cool with that for sure. Hell... I'm playing w/ Stones Throw man!

So if you wanna hear some of those bangers I've been holding like Rugers, come thru early and play the bar whilst a blow your wig back. LOL.

Anyhow the deets:

MOVE - Toronto Edition.
Friday April 11th 2008
feat MADLIB, Egon, and introducing Jamie Strong
Special Guest: Taktiks & My Man Henri <--- YEAH!
@ Wrong Bar - 1279 Queen St West.
$15 in adv. Tckts avail @ Play De Record & Rotate This.

What else do you need?? Were're giving you the world man! Just like this next joint... Expect to hear this during my set. Shouts to Byron & Onra w/ their f*cking Chinoiseries. ;)


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