Wednesday, April 02, 2008

From Miami With Love

Jesus. I'm wiped.
The sun in Miami is .... uncommon, exceptional and just plain old overwhelming @ times. As usual, I can attest to that via a good old burn (ladies, hands off: my shoulders and neck feel like vintage leather). 30 spf is now apparently useless. Ha.

Anyhow, I shall mark this one as another classic. As usual, had a blast w/ the mandem. Now even sure where to start... My man Ty G must have that photographic mem. I don't! ;)
So shouts too all the good ppl I got to re:up w/: Ty G, Delfi, Niques, Bry, Spence, Wulf, Benji, Waajeed, King, Vik, RUCYL!! (how funny was that?!! I need that pic! jump n wave!), 4th P! (all day. Let's build), my Stones Throw Fam, Jamie, Egon - see you cats in like 9 days, and PBW (see you in like 8 days), BlackSpade! Sean, Garwin (dude, what happened?!?! argh), Geo-logy, Kissey (ARGH! I hope this summer), Jay Dev, Daniella, cannot forget Hit + Run who hold me down, and the new muchachos and muchachas I met... Looking fwd to linking. Man, this is too much...
Ok. Shouts to all.
I'll tell you about the parties when you ask me. Too much to cover in 1 post. I still have videos to upload. ARGH. I have like almost 2 gigs in pics. Here are a few and I have a link to more @ the bottom. Anyhow, I just know this:
1. what a small f*cking world, wouldn't you say Yani? Whoa.
2. I'm getting a Canon camera.
3. Next year is now.
4. Look out for Zaki. She's got some ppl rooting for her, and it's not even funny.

Well, this might be some time well wasted, but no jokes. Here are some pix, with another link to more @ the end. ;)

What a pretty room. lol.

shouts to my man 'Jeed.

Jamel said we needed more... sin duda.

G-O-D... father part 3

Bananas! You know the name...

Real Bananas.

What you know about Mr. Appel?


Shouts to Aloe...

Buggin out WMC 2007

Buggin out WMC 2008

Small ass world I'm in.

Ok. Here are the rest of the pics pt1. Enjoy.

Now, back to the reg scheduled program. Chat soon.


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