Sunday, September 30, 2007

El Matador


Out the frying plantain, into the bunning fire! This has been the autumn of austerity, season of stress, epoch of exertion. But all has somehow equated and likened to a labour of love. Rolling with the good people of the Red Bull Music Academy. Say what?? You mean that drink?

Indeed, they essentially are the ones who fund a prestigious music camp. A sort of retreat for the budding maestro that is run @ an allegro tempo. 60 participants are picked from a pool of 2500 applicants.

In anycase, it's been 1 week @ the RBMA and 1 year's worth of priceless experiences. Ppl from all over the world and their music in tow. This had been much more than a guiding light. I now contemplate getting back into it as my fervor for the fortissimo has been germinating seeing all these participants from varied music lineage.

But the reality is, with all the speakers that have been and are coming for this event, how could I not??

We just hosted Tadd Mullinix aka world famous Dabrye, Primo passed thru to speak wise words of wisdom. We've been in the company of Chairman Mao, Georgia Anne Muldrow w/ co-hort Dudley Perkins as well as many others. Coming up?? Well, I can't say as I am sworn to secrecy, but lovers of all things of what I qualify as verdad will be in heaven.

Make sure to come out and support some of these budding artists during the showcases. More to come. But pls be patient, jusy getting accustomed to these long hours...


Thursday, September 20, 2007


That's right. NO CHANGE. I thought that I would say it in the unofficial US language, Spanish.

Sometime today or last night, the Canadian Dollar made the last little bit of way to reach the holy grail: Par w/ the US Dollar. How crazy is that? Exchange euphoria! So, what is your immediate plan??

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Touch Screen Is The New Black

I recall being @ MacWorld in San Fran this past January and all were waiting for the doors to open so they could take a look @ the world's most anticipated phone - ever: The iPhone.

A few weeks ago, the 2nd biggest event took place online: The news that the iPhone had been unlocked! Well, it's now in my hands.

So I made the move during my recent trip to Las Vegas. So it's now official: Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes.

Yes, I have the iPhone baby. I was a Mac supporter when it wasn't cool and was being ridiculed. So, why stop now?

Yes, it is unlocked and was done so by my own bare hands (and BlkBook and software too). Yes that does say Rogers Wireless down below...

Yes, I have YouTube unlocked an running. Beware to those who buy from eBay: make sure that they have unlocked the YT functionality. It's not always the case or cleary detailed.

And yes,. You can see it when u see me next.

Touch screen is the new black, and who ever thinks it's not has not tried or used an iPhone yet, and is simply hating. In fact, most know that I am a Cupertino fan as much as I am a Finnish river buff. But even Nokia had to tilt their cap to the iPhone. In fact, they have a prototype of a Nokia branded iPhone-like device (some like to call that biting around these parts). Hell, they even put out a promo the phone. See below.

Coming soon near you. ;)

In any case, Apple has once again made history. They just recently sold their millionth phone in 74 days. And all that was before the unlock hack. How fast wll they sell their next million?? Be assured that with good supply, they'll do that in 1/2 the time. Friends online had commented on how the Buffalo Apple Store was a zoo. This one dude bought 10 phones in one shot. wowsers.

So, this one's for the ppl @ 1 Infinite Loop. Good look.

BTW, I've been hard @ work. Nothing posted for last month. Whip was cracking, Glad to be back.

Say wrd.