Monday, June 30, 2008

xxxxx Need Not Apply

You fill in the blank. I was just put on this site, which is a LA based fixie forum. I love forums and oft join em when it's new sh*t that I've adopted and I feel the community (best community the world has to offer - a forum that is).
So, 1st issue - I can't peruse the forum w/o registering. Ok. Not a fan but lemme handle that. When that was all done, I get this message (click for larger).

Wow. AM I applying for a Green Card? Work VISA? Bursary? Anyhow, I await my response - w/o baited breath. I just wanna read what cats are saying and doing man... Kinda lucky I love LA.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lee McDonald: Supersized RMXs

Man, this is so crazy. I was just about to walk out the door when something pulled me back to my lap. Had been listening to Kissey's Goodies 08 and was tripping off some unreleased riddims when one thing lead me to another and BLAM!
I find out about this release by Lee McDonald.
On the plate were a set of rmxs by some of EU's respected for I'll Do Anything For You. Here's glimpse of the original classic.

So, step step step step up... Lets' give it a 2k sound.

As I mentioned, the rmxs were served courtesy of EU, via FRA in my favorite case: Yann Kesz. This cat is just bananas. I picked up a release he had earlier this year under the Apollo Jazz moniker. Yann kills this rmx. How can anyone turn their back on the beat? Even when Broken?? This b r o k e n b e a t rmx is just too sweet... And yes, I bought this. You should too.

So before I sail out, here's a little treat of b r o k e n b e a t, rmx'd courtesy of my man Yann Kesz. Bananas.

Aiiight. Out the door.



Saturday, June 28, 2008


Man, I just had my longest ride to date. I need to lie down... 33.2 kms. I didn't need to go that far... felt good though. ;) Zoom out to see the full map still....

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bullion $$ Man

This week has been a great music week indeed. Better than both f*cking CMW x NXNE combined, (don't get me started on those 2 weak weeks).
Sometime last year, came across a young cat thru my man Jay as always and was pretty much floored by my man's riddims. Bullion, a cat out of London had just done a superb refix, re-edit and rmx of a Beach Boys record: Pet Sounds.

Taking inspiration from the Deacon of Tha D, the almighty Dilla himself, he created what would many might regard as a mash up (though, I cringe when hearing that term, and usually refrain from using it - but will use it in this case to illustrate my point): Pet Sounds in the Key Of Dee. How sick is that concept?? Beach Boys??

Fa Sho! He even slid Dilla's likeness in there. Fresh. Even fresher though was this record. Full of bangers.

Here's a sample (you prolly heard me drop this @ a 92BPM event):

I still recall this one night @ Global Warming (shouts to Big Ager!) and I dropped a joint off this LP. This chick came storming like... "BEACH BOYS!!" - and she was losing it. Haha.

Anyhow, FFWD just about 1 year, and Bullion has hit us with a new 12" in anticipation of an LP.

Get Familar b/w Rude Effort. Banger. What's even doper, I bought this one off iTunes. This is an iTunes+ release as well, so in theory, no DRM for you Serato cats.

Looking fwd to more joints indeed, as he's been singled out by EU's hvw8's: GP, Benji and a many others... Look out. So do yourself a favor and get this record. $2 CAD you won't regret dropping.

So in the mean time, you need to Get Familiar indeed.

Say wrd.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rodando En Azul

Man... I have so caught the bug. Today marks my 6th ride in as many days and I feel so dope. What's worst is that, when you move to Rome... You know. So, as a new roamin Roman I've been online looking @ fixie blogs. DAMN. They are so bangin!
Am I that vain?? You f*cking bet. LOL. So, ahora I'm rodando en azul. (hope I said that correctly Simon). More work coming soon... But I'm lovin it!
Huh?? What's so different? Take a closer look. Here's El Gigantes last week.
You rolling?? You down? Well, let's get up!



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8ight Bit Love: Hayzee

How do I start this?? Shouts to Kissey for such a priceless link. This is what I'm talking about. Honestly. That love. After kicking it @ the AIM Café for a few, she was like "You need to holla @ my man Hayzee." Oh yea?? So, in the next breath, she emails me this dude's work and his contact. So wrd. We offered goodbyes and she headed back to BMA and I, YYZ.
So, Hayzee is the name. That 8 Bit computer riddims is his "game". Pun fully intended. I know that some cats have messed with sampling games and all, but it doesn't oft sound that tight (Shouts to my man MAT64 who is killing on the game front, in a more classic style. Had a set @ the RBMA Lounge @ Sonar for those who might have been there).
In comes Hayzee with this wonderful arrangements. Are you kidding me?? What's up with the water in Holland?? I need to bring some back.
So Hayzee emails me and is like... "Lemme know how you like it". Well. Here you go Hayzee. Praise onto you. Love it. Looking fwd to playing more or this man. Say wrd.
So could I really say anything else, but: Press Start?

Say wrd.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all love: Friends n Fam

how many of us have them,
Before we go any further let's be friends...

I will admit that I've amassed a few friends in my travels. But, I also ask you this: why the hell not?? I still recall Ghetto Gold's bewilderment when he sat down to have din din in London UK this year, only to be asked if he new this chap called "My Man Henri". He just laughed. Shouts to Ghetto Gold and Brad @ New Era!

But I also tell you this: I love to sit and chat life. If we somehow share interests, you will have mine as I enjoy personal perspective. All Day.
As such, I had been wanting to dedicate a section of my blogosphere to cats I like to kick it with. Whether it be music, art or just what they do. Be it that since turning my new leaf after the RBMA07, I have more than ever submerged and surrounded myself in music 1nce again. But I love it too much not to (reasons I have temporary contempt for work right now! ARGH!).

Rules are simple: there are none. Chat as you want, chat what you want and chat who you want.

With that, it's my pleasure to offer my space for the inaugural guest post to a fine young Swedish singer who's lovely music i came across not so long ago. But you know how this online life is: we're all neighbors. So I knocked on her door one day asking for a splash of coffee (I put it in my hot choco soy), and guess what? She was home. We have since then kicked whenever possible. ;)

To inaugurate my friends & fam column, special guest blogger, Kissey Asplund, as she chats about the ladies in her life. ;)

My women, Henri!

Henri have you check these ladies out? I know that you proberbly have, but let me post about them on here. Sweden seems to be pulling out some nice cards in the music world right now but there are 3 ladies that had the taste of Swedish soil that are doing GREAT things. 1 ahead and 1 upcoming and 1 is a real little teaser

Miss lady 1

Yarah Bravo.

Queen of London, The One Self MC, Dj Vadim’s sidekick, fashionlady and more, more, more
Latest news : She’s Touring Brazil
Latest single: 6toys feat Yarah Bravo – Wanna Ride

One of my favorites: KidKanevil feat Yarah – Fire


Miss lady 2


Myspace // Blog

MC and songstress that works with Hudson Mohawke. She’s one of the says ooops!'ers, IG Culture brought her with him and his ”bring the noise” to Cameroon etc etc e t c

Latest news: Coming to LA!

Want to hear some? Download this radio link with ”Alexander the nut” on

Finally and the biggest teaser of them all:

Miss lady 3


No! it’s not the Rahel that sings the magical vocals for Erik Lau. This is another beautiful lady that sits here in Sweden and doesn’t make a lot of noize. But people, people go up on her myspace and have a listen. I’ve just fallen in love with her and I can’t stop listening at all…. She’s so cute! But a teaser. We are awaiting the first release from this lady still ...

Shouts to Kissey for the love. All day. Where's that Rustie joint?? HOLLA! BTW, if you've not picked up some of Kissey's riddims, you're not living right. I've chatted this in the past, and even more distant past, so go nuts.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

El Gigantes


This is big.

I have been looking to shape up and get some exercise. It's been years since I've done anything meaningful, and had been looking around to see what my options were. Club flyers this, club flyers that - to many gyms and none were that close to my place. Oddly, after an appt, I had gone to a bike shop to look @ a few selections. Bike were far from the 2 wheeled vehicle that i recall as a youth. You can easily ¢pend on one and be like, wtf?!?! This is a BIKE?!?! Anyhow, FFWD a few month, here I is... I present to you El Gigantes.

Lots of my pals have been on the fixie movement, and I was hesitant and possibly even unwilling @ one time of making that move and commitment. But, I did favor the mechanical simplicity that a fixie offered. So after looking around and riding a few, I did it.

I also went ahead and replaced the handle bar with a straight one and some Azul grips. ;). So today, I got the call from Pete's Bike shop on Bloor west and picked her up! Shouts to Chris, Lealand and Patrick for all the love and help.

It was a pretty close race as I was also looking @ a Trek Soho S and a Specialized as well. But this one was priced too well to pass up.

So, the plan is to ride in the AM or in the PM with a few who might want to come along. I just ask that you don't leave me behind. ;). I'm looking fwd to my new found fitness.

So in the spirit of the ride, take in this beat by man CuppCave. Mach Riding!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ya Girl's Fave Color

Is Blue.

But is it Tiffany Blue?? Topaz, Summer Sky or is it Tarheel Blue?

It's just Blu. Say wrd.

As sad as I am for now being in BCN right now with all my EU friends and fam, all is love. I can't be mad @ work for ever, feel me?!?! Like my man Jay said - next year. Do or quit. ;)
But the best part is that I'll be in town to catch the Blu show. Sin duda.

So tomorrow, your man Blu is in town. That wll be tight. Not seen my man Blu in a hot min. In fact, the last time I saw my man, it was in a quick surprise stop in LA in Nov last year. Little party with my man Waajeed. Shouts to Ta'Raach & Coultrain. Big shouts to SwitchBlade for holding me down! ;).

Will be nice to catch up to a dude for real. The same year, we rocked a small show w/ my man Black Milk in Las Vegas for Magic. ARGH! Sorry I woke you up dude! Hope you kept that LV permit. LOL!

Shouts to JK. Too bad you can't make it JK. I'll catch up with you soon! All will be love

Blu has been that buzzword for more than a min. Below The Heavens was a sleeper and than slowly just creeped up on cats like BAM.

If you haven't checked it yet, tomorrow night will be your chance @ redemption still. He'll be rolling with MC/Producer Mainframe who was also @ the LV show.

So man, do the do. Just reach tomorrow @ El Mo. Below the heavens will feel like the real thing.

So as a parting shot, lemme hit the mandem with a banger w/ your man Blu. One of my faves right now. My fave color indeed. Shouts to FlyLo.

See you tomorrow night. ;)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crush! Kill! Destroy Stress!

You f*cking know it. (sorry).

Man, this had been a sh*tty end of week. Work has been a touch more trying that it should be. My hopes of an EU tour of duty got thrown out like Hillary's bid for the presidency. For real. But, as usual, the sun shines upon a man and I have nothing to say or do but to smile and hop on the Spaniard and ride.

Was feeling very retro today. Almost coincidently, I was feeling very anti-street wear as JR Ewing has been of late. Enough with that sh*t. I had to bring back to the jersey (Peace to the pure shooters: Allan Houston all day) and the matching kicks ni**a! Hugging the block all day and stay ghe-tto like plastic cups...

So why did Cheese have to rock a pair of orange kicks as I did?? WTF is that all about?? Someone else got orange joints?? ARGH. All love my dude.

But for real, today was so lovely. Rode like a champ on the streets, was chilling by the Nike MMVA gifting suite all day, and drank vodka redbulls. Say wrd.

This all came after my new beta mxtp that I recorded just hours earlier. More on that later.

The block was pretty hot. We sat and ppl watched the whole time, listening to bands rehearsing for the mess that will be Queen St for the MMVAs that go down tomorrow. I forget how crazy Queen gets on a Saturday, esp when it's nice out.

But for the most part, watching ppl come thru the suite and running into old cats was always love. Your boy Bug Sox aka Big Sock-it-To 'EM aka Saukrates came thru. Been a minute my dude. Wont' say anything about the tight clothes though. Holy role reversal. Looking fwd to the new record dude. Say wrd.

Shouts to the P and Killa.

Shouts my man Tòmas for his 4 yrs of laboring. He's now a U of T grad. Say wrd. 4 yrs already?? That's nuts. I guess that's what 4 yrs of hard schooling will get you my dude: a pretty pink bag from Holt Renfrew. ;)

Extra big shout to ChuckY. Always hard @ work dude. Let's have some ALive chats soon dude. 7 Lite all day.

Anyhow, as usual there's an overabundance of activities tonight: NXNE showcase w/ PPP. Say wrd 'Jeed. Buckshot and 9th Wondra are @ Harborfront. Oh yea, Junior Reid is there as well... One Bloodclawt! And there's more... The night's bound to be hot as usual.

Where's the afterparty??

Holla if you know. I love these days....



Friday, June 13, 2008

3000kms and running!

NWA said it. I MEANT IT!

My updates have been infrequent of late. As I mentioned, I've been SLAVING on the road and it's not been pretty. Sun and slaving so do not mix. I was trying to get all my clients inline like skates @ the X-Games, but none of that was to occur. My trip to EU has been put on hold!

I might crack that smile, but ain't a DAMN thing funny. I really wanted to get out of here. I'm in fact a little upset!

So many cats I planned to buck up with, argh! But all love.

My man Waajeed is in town tomorrow. Not seen him inna minunte. Speakerbruiser is in town today, and the sun is shining. What else can I ask for right now?? Well... Maybe to be able to make it out EU next week. ARGH!

Well, Blu is in town as well next week.... So, it will be great week then.

Alright. I feel.... a bit better. LOL.

Since I'm kinda done, I might actually wil'out this weekend. If the sun permits. Ok. Back to work!

Hold this theme song, and catch you in a hot one.

100 Miles And Running - NWA

Hza Banger!


Headline: Black Beatles Murder QXQW.

Did you not read the headlines??

We murdered UNIT last night. No seriously. We had the gang bangin' red tees on last night and did the proverbial drive by @ Unit with a double barrel shottie of rousing riddims. Serious. Man like Ramón made the bold call during the day in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction courtesy of Adidas Canada (argh!!), and was like...

"Yo, let's just run the red tees. Done."


But in all seriousness, we had a lovely time. Shouts to Rose for the link, and all the lovely folks @ Unit for showing such love.
Shouts to all who came thru after work, before a next bashment, in transit to bashments... It was well loved indeed.

We have on paper the concept for the next night already. And this one might be another laugher. You know the mandem like to have some fun same way. Seriously though, this next one will be like some good therapy, and we are playing with the idea of a code of dress since last night went so well.

1 yr later! Peace out! Black Beatles, take us out with the fader... Can you believe it's been 1 yr?? Oh well... Bring on the next one, as we'll make more history! June is Black (Beatles) Music Month anyway...

Regardless, many thanks again to those who came, and the other?? I'll catch you @ the next one. You can look @ the rest of the photos here.

And I'm out!


Thursday, June 05, 2008



Fresh off the hwy. Been a crazy week, but always got time for my ppls.

For a min, my man Ty G and I have rapped about getting HVW8 back in Toronto. He being in lax, and I in yyz and our schedules being all over, things were a little harder to coordinate.

But the good ppl @ RedBull Canada made it happen. They launched the 381 Projects which is meant to be an periodic art show with the launch having taken place during Contact Photo.

A fresh night indeed. Live work by HVW8 and an amazing live band called Torngat. I had to pull some RedBull ppl aside and give them a full thumbs up on that selection.

In any case, love to see ppl come out for some good art and music. Shouts to my man P107 who secretly was shooting all this time I knew him. WTF?!?! Did not know my dude.

The exhibit is still up and running, and you can get all deets @ 381 Projects dot com. Say wrd.

OK. Back to work. More shots here