Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ya Girl's Fave Color

Is Blue.

But is it Tiffany Blue?? Topaz, Summer Sky or is it Tarheel Blue?

It's just Blu. Say wrd.

As sad as I am for now being in BCN right now with all my EU friends and fam, all is love. I can't be mad @ work for ever, feel me?!?! Like my man Jay said - next year. Do or quit. ;)
But the best part is that I'll be in town to catch the Blu show. Sin duda.

So tomorrow, your man Blu is in town. That wll be tight. Not seen my man Blu in a hot min. In fact, the last time I saw my man, it was in a quick surprise stop in LA in Nov last year. Little party with my man Waajeed. Shouts to Ta'Raach & Coultrain. Big shouts to SwitchBlade for holding me down! ;).

Will be nice to catch up to a dude for real. The same year, we rocked a small show w/ my man Black Milk in Las Vegas for Magic. ARGH! Sorry I woke you up dude! Hope you kept that LV permit. LOL!

Shouts to JK. Too bad you can't make it JK. I'll catch up with you soon! All will be love

Blu has been that buzzword for more than a min. Below The Heavens was a sleeper and than slowly just creeped up on cats like BAM.

If you haven't checked it yet, tomorrow night will be your chance @ redemption still. He'll be rolling with MC/Producer Mainframe who was also @ the LV show.

So man, do the do. Just reach tomorrow @ El Mo. Below the heavens will feel like the real thing.

So as a parting shot, lemme hit the mandem with a banger w/ your man Blu. One of my faves right now. My fave color indeed. Shouts to FlyLo.

See you tomorrow night. ;)


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