Saturday, June 21, 2008

El Gigantes


This is big.

I have been looking to shape up and get some exercise. It's been years since I've done anything meaningful, and had been looking around to see what my options were. Club flyers this, club flyers that - to many gyms and none were that close to my place. Oddly, after an appt, I had gone to a bike shop to look @ a few selections. Bike were far from the 2 wheeled vehicle that i recall as a youth. You can easily ¢pend on one and be like, wtf?!?! This is a BIKE?!?! Anyhow, FFWD a few month, here I is... I present to you El Gigantes.

Lots of my pals have been on the fixie movement, and I was hesitant and possibly even unwilling @ one time of making that move and commitment. But, I did favor the mechanical simplicity that a fixie offered. So after looking around and riding a few, I did it.

I also went ahead and replaced the handle bar with a straight one and some Azul grips. ;). So today, I got the call from Pete's Bike shop on Bloor west and picked her up! Shouts to Chris, Lealand and Patrick for all the love and help.

It was a pretty close race as I was also looking @ a Trek Soho S and a Specialized as well. But this one was priced too well to pass up.

So, the plan is to ride in the AM or in the PM with a few who might want to come along. I just ask that you don't leave me behind. ;). I'm looking fwd to my new found fitness.

So in the spirit of the ride, take in this beat by man CuppCave. Mach Riding!



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