Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lee McDonald: Supersized RMXs

Man, this is so crazy. I was just about to walk out the door when something pulled me back to my lap. Had been listening to Kissey's Goodies 08 and was tripping off some unreleased riddims when one thing lead me to another and BLAM!
I find out about this release by Lee McDonald.
On the plate were a set of rmxs by some of EU's respected for I'll Do Anything For You. Here's glimpse of the original classic.

So, step step step step up... Lets' give it a 2k sound.

As I mentioned, the rmxs were served courtesy of EU, via FRA in my favorite case: Yann Kesz. This cat is just bananas. I picked up a release he had earlier this year under the Apollo Jazz moniker. Yann kills this rmx. How can anyone turn their back on the beat? Even when Broken?? This b r o k e n b e a t rmx is just too sweet... And yes, I bought this. You should too.

So before I sail out, here's a little treat of b r o k e n b e a t, rmx'd courtesy of my man Yann Kesz. Bananas.

Aiiight. Out the door.



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SeleenR said...

HOLY GHOST! the strings in that bruk do it for me!