Friday, June 13, 2008

Headline: Black Beatles Murder QXQW.

Did you not read the headlines??

We murdered UNIT last night. No seriously. We had the gang bangin' red tees on last night and did the proverbial drive by @ Unit with a double barrel shottie of rousing riddims. Serious. Man like Ramón made the bold call during the day in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction courtesy of Adidas Canada (argh!!), and was like...

"Yo, let's just run the red tees. Done."


But in all seriousness, we had a lovely time. Shouts to Rose for the link, and all the lovely folks @ Unit for showing such love.
Shouts to all who came thru after work, before a next bashment, in transit to bashments... It was well loved indeed.

We have on paper the concept for the next night already. And this one might be another laugher. You know the mandem like to have some fun same way. Seriously though, this next one will be like some good therapy, and we are playing with the idea of a code of dress since last night went so well.

1 yr later! Peace out! Black Beatles, take us out with the fader... Can you believe it's been 1 yr?? Oh well... Bring on the next one, as we'll make more history! June is Black (Beatles) Music Month anyway...

Regardless, many thanks again to those who came, and the other?? I'll catch you @ the next one. You can look @ the rest of the photos here.

And I'm out!


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