Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can a White guy win a Black award?? (*updated)

I sure hope so. I know they win Black girls' hearts [read Robin, your girl is bangin!]. So Robin Thicke is up for a BET award tonight (Best Male R&B), and I think he should do it. His joints were kinda banging still (and so is his wife DAMN!).

So who is he up against?? Well... Let's see:

Akon (well, maybe if yoots are voting)
John Legend (not again)
and Gerald Levert (?!? huh?) A posthumous award?

I mean, RT rammed every show that he's had in Toronto, and if that happens, you get love. The only real threat might be the deceased.

So, it's on tonight in LA. 8pm I believe. That's in less than 3 hrs. My $$ is on the white guy.

PS - WIll anyone 1 up and drop to a bended knee tonight live on TV? ;)

** Update **

Thankfully, I have not enough $ to wager. Your boy would have lost. So, as Al Gore felt when losing to who he characterized as an intellectual inferior [read Dubya Bush], how does RT feel when losing to Ne-Yo? Ouch. Ok. Well, nx time dude. Nx time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Royalty On The Rocks: The Smirnoff In The Mix Rap Up

As I mentioned, Smirnoff was so kind to put together a sick lineup for the night of June 21st - a Summer Launch of sorts. In The Mix was the event, hosted by Ed Lover and it featured Royalty all night long: DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and birthday boy Chocolate Boy Wonder bka Pete Rock.

NY would not be NY w/o drop in guests: Q Tip showed up to run a set, Kweli was also in the building as well as Agent Orange himself, Pharoahe Monch. Shouts to Donwill and VonPea of Tonya Morgan long side Che Grand who hung out w/a ninja that night...

The night itself was a highlight, though seeing Pete Rock blow out his 27 candles was a trip ;)... Hearing DJ Premier sing Happy Birthday to Pete Rock was another trip... But finding out that Ed Lover is a grandfather was bananas! Whoa. When did you last see your Grandpops w/ a Blackberry and a dookie chain getting faded off Smirnoff Red Apple? lol

Anyhow, before I forget, shouts to Harlem's most celebrated PhD for being such a great host even in absentia, Eternia (what a surprise), Shara who remembered (hey, we'll have a cake in Toronto as well!) and Expedia for keeping me moving along...

In any case, here's my megapixel dissertation. Enjoy - I sure did.

Hit the rd...

.. and up and away.

The Party.

Bumped in to...

Then spaced right out in Time Sq...

Now, in much honor of the night, you know I had to post some music.

So with that being said, enjoy the following 3 joints:

New Common, prod by DJ Premier
One of my fave street bangers by The UN - produced by Pete Rock, &
9th Wonder and Buckshot.

Click Play. Do it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bonnie & Clyde...

... will ride again.

£s & €s all day. Let's get it!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Royalty On The Rocks: NY Pilgrimage Foreward

So, I'm currently in Screw York, having pimped a flight for $178 CAD rtrn (that pimp hand is strong!).

Came down after getting an invite to this Smirnoff party I went to last night. I still hearing the ping from my email one very late Sunday night. Anyhow, below is the flyer (click for larger). You'll understand why this was Royalty on the Rocks (mixed, not stirred). Pix and accounts to follow.

BTW, it was the Chocolate Boy Wonder's bday yesterday!

So, quickly. The Pilgrimage will be in BK (click for bigger image):

Shouts to Von Pea of Tanya Morgan fame of the love.

Hallelujah holla back!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bonne Fete Conard!

Pause for the cause.

Happy Bday bro! Been a blast having you intown. I actually had to stop to think about it when I called last night. Can't believe it either. Won't put you on blast like that, but you know how I feel dude. 1st, 2nd or 3rd born - means nothing dude. Despite the fact that you used to break into my room, and go chill there w/ your boys..... LOL. It's all fam, all day. Papi et Mami showed us that du premier coup. Whishing you The Best le jour de ton anniversaire. Allez, on bouffe et on s'éclatte ce soir. ;)

Now, hold these (click for bigger image):

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Tools of the Tirade: Nixon Watches

So my man hits me a few days ago w/ a txt like: "What's the name of the watches you mess w/ again?"

Nixon my dude. Nixon all day.

How could you not rock a hot time piece? A nice one can compliment your outfit so well. So shocked I was when I read this piece in the Globe & Mail some time ago. They went on to say that the watch was a dying accessory and that more and more ppl were using their cells to tell the time.

Wowsers. Using my Nokia all day for time? I do from time to time... But ma montre! Considering that Nokia started as a tire and rubber company, maybe timepieces are not out of reach and in the not so distant future....

Hmmmm. I'll stay with the watch thanks.

In fact, I was thinking of adorning my wrists with some more of Nixon's fine accoutrements. But, for those who didn't know, they make what I personally think are some of the freshest (if not the freshest) watches around - Period. Again, my connection w/ SoCal deepens all the time.

Been watching them (ummm, yea) for a min, and I still recall when I finally dipped in.

My 1st Nixon was the Rocker (you can never forget su primera). This was where I was @ when I bought it: listening to tons of Maiden. Still love it, though I now favor butterfly clasps.

Then, I proverbially went nuts. I followed that up wth:

A Gold Ticket. Stunning. Mine has the burgundy face though.

2 Players: Silver and most recently a Black one. The Player is way too classic. And the Black one emerged from the amazing All Black collection. I equate ownership of a player as quasi rite of passage...

2 Rotologs: The Original Walnut (which sent the whole world in a spin), and then the White one. The original was part of a Mos Def campaign for Nixon that they shot in Toronto being that he was here. Would you believe that I even had drinks with the man responsible for the Roto's design? Nutz. Shouts to Luis C for hooking that up.

My latest purchase was the Esquire CS.

I have a few nore in my site. I don't think my collection could be complete w/o a Gold Player.

This is the original killer. In fact, it was re-released prolly due to incessant requests. Good move Nixon. And yes, that is a real diamond. Before the re-release, I was trying to buy my boy's OG one. Then he left it @ some chick's place one night. Ahhh PHILLY you idiot!

I also want to get my hands on some pieces from the Elite Collection, and notably (you guessed it): The Ceramic Player.

Swiss movement w/ an all white ceramic casing and a lone red ruby bezel. Bananas.

Where I buy mine? Ransom Holding - on top of GoodFoot. Ask for Martin. He'll show you the truth. Hell, he might even show you his. I think he wears a SuperHero SS.

Wanna see the rest? Go nuts. They do ladies' watches too.

Shouts to BeeDub!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thx Stones Throw

I've always respected the label, music and artists, but in more recent years, I have grown to love all about them [read the operation]: the business model, their artwork, simplicity of their site design and philosophy. Let alone Dilla moved there to LA to be with them, and that they house some of the more interesting artsists around right now (Madlib, Guilty Simpson, and employ one too).
They are usually pretty quick to embrace technology and changes in the fan's daily routine - gawd knows we're all over the place: Youtube, Myspace etc...
As such, they have a podcast that I subscribe to, as all iPod/computer owners/fans of indie labels should.

They're more recent one was just one simple track.

and with that being said:

I present Guilty Simpson's Man's World.

Produced by none other than the latest and greatest J Dilla. His legacy scintillates forever. Don't look for this track to be available for sale as a 12" or on GS's 9/11 album (that's right), as there's a very transparent and self evident $ample clearance hurdle. And since they are coming off a lawsuit for The Red (off Jaylib)...


Lean back, click play & enjoy... (after thanking Stones Throw in your prayers).

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day TONA: Tona Video/EP Release Party

Toronto is burning up...

Sin Duda.

Yea... Me and this cat Tona hooked up via Brassmunk a few years back, and we clicked. Like, let alone that he spit that fire, he and I clicked on the music that we loved. (RIP you know who). For real. As such, I got love for my man.

The singular star from the oft maligned but well celebrated Scarborough has a video release party for this banger Dial Tone that he put out a min ago (produced KingSampson and not just Gameboy. Details by email can be ambiguous. Erratum corrected), long side a celebration of the release of his EP: Don't Holla. Say wrd.

Make sure to peep this out, as it's at recently favored venue of choice - The Revival. Sh*t, I was just there last night.

Dial Tone video/Don't Holla EP Release.
Tuesday June 19th @ Revival - 783 College St.
Cover: Finski aka $5.

See you there. Mek it, Mek it!

Wanna peep that song?? Peep below. Just make sure to have the oven mitts. ;)

Just click play. Say wrd.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another G.O.O.D. Looking Week pt 2


In case Wednesday might not be enough...

Friday will hold something nice as well:


Should be tight, w/ the lineup below:

The last few have been pretty crazy. Style code? WTF?? I'll stun. worry not. Say wrd. Will this be Disorderly Conduct 2?

Then, I'll take it to some darker corners and hang with my ppls, Jason Palma, Dirtiest Dale Arsenault & special guest: Karizma.

So Karizma's here again to rinse riddims. Last time he was in YYZ @ 7 Frasier's new little room, I had such a blast. Then, I was @ his bday party in Miami during WMC2007 this year in March. Ran into him the same night outside of the Rawshack Party. This should be something worth peeping for sure.
See you soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another G.O.O.D. Looking Week pt 1

Man, this sun is coinciding with some good nights on paper.
Starting w/ STD: Slow Teenage Dance.

This is @ the Beacs Wednesday. Not been to one of these in some time. They're nuts. A must check. What you know a bout power ballads?
As well...
We got Ladies Night w/ Low B in the building @ the Social. Same night. Shouts to my boy MO.b. I see you.

See you then...

Riding Shotgun

Or is that back shot when someone rides from behind?? Anyhow, wanna give a shout out to NR who was the very 1st beneficiary and donee of my newest acquisition: a new helmet and cargo net. As such, she got to ride to her destination, as I will now likely be carrying a 2nd w/ me most of the time. ;)

click pic to reveal...

¡El Sol!

Are you kidding me?? This is so dangerous. Work is done x El Sol.

It's basically going to be bananas all week. Wow. For my US counterparts, the above basically means:

With that, I have to wheel the sunny selections once more.

Enjoy the music....

Newyorican Soul

....and this quasi sunset....

(click for bigger vers.)

Just click play.

Geek Retreat: 26 hrs in Chicago @ The Nokia Flagship Store

Geek Retreat? I have a few a year. Events where I go look @ techie items w/ techie friends. My last one was Macworld in SF.
So a few months ago, Nokia posted that they were going to have a soirée for S60 users. It's the name of the o/s (the software) that many of the Nokia phones use. Having missed the one in NY, I decided to RSVP for this one taking place @ the flagship Chicago Store on Magnificent Mile.

So started the 26hrs in Chicago. As per usual, I was able to pimp a return fight to Chitown for $178 CAD return - and you know this!
But these always start as early mornin drives...


YYZ, pls take notice: I can travel right from O'Hare to dwntwn Chitown by simple public transit aka subway. Why this cannot happen @ Pearson International is beyond me.
Had a quick brkfst, and then started my day, and what a sunny day it was....

I made my way up and down North Michigan aka The Magnificent Mile and took in some good retail. Did you know that Garmin as a flagship store in Chicago?? Nice.

I then made my way down to Wicker Park for more of my boutiques, small independents. Fer sure, made a quick stop @ St Alfreds to show love.
6pm CST quickly came, so I hopped back on the sbwy line and made it back to Mag Mile and the Nokia Store - and so the night began.

Got to meet up with ppl I met the launch day last year: Timothy, Linda and Dan aka YSR.
Also got to catch up to online rawk stars like the Mobile Diva and Deity herself:

Darla Mack

Our 1st meeting though we chat all the time. She's got the block on lock. Great resource for all things Nokia. Check her out here.
Thinking that I was the only Canadian there was so small minded and I do apologize. Mobile Magnate Howard Chui of HoFo aka HowardForums was in the building.
I met some wonderful ppl that night. Many of which I will certainly keep in touch with.
Best was the grab bags. I was given a Nokia Audio Wireless Gateway - I can stream audio thru this device using bluetooth capable handsets. Kind of a predecessor to Cerulean by iSkin.

Also got to look @ some new product. One of many was the thinnest S60 to date. As much as I hated it on paper, and when I caught a quick glimpse of it, the N76 is now getting more of my attention. In fact, Nokia has won me over. I will now try to get my hands on one. It's a a lot hotter than I thought.

I was just bent on the fact that I felt that it was a RAZR look alike. But Moto could never even come close to a s60 phone. As such, even with all of Moto's revisions, the N76 is going to be what the RAZR could never be: a dope phone. +, the N76 is a real smartphone/music player anyhow. It has a true headphone jack with controls @ the front as well. Nice. Peep the mirrored secondary screen...
This is why Nokia is so dope. Product line is forever the tighest and they have solid handsets. I would still add a tweak of more design, but overall. They still rawk.
In any case, I want to thank Phil S. @ the Nokia's S60 team for inviting me, and the rest of the S60 staff who were on hand. I had a blast. Phil: Let me be the Toronto Agent.
The night came to and I stepped out to peep an Adidas party on Rush st (Originals Store), and then went for a bite with my man YSR and Juanita. Good look on killing time with your boy.
Then got back on the sbwy @ 3am....

Made my way back to ORD, and then home.
26 dope hrs.
Thank gawd for eTickets... no lineup for me!

All was good.
Look for me to make the 1yr anniversary this month.Should be tight...
More photos....

what was this all about??