Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another G.O.O.D. Looking Week pt 2


In case Wednesday might not be enough...

Friday will hold something nice as well:


Should be tight, w/ the lineup below:

The last few have been pretty crazy. Style code? WTF?? I'll stun. worry not. Say wrd. Will this be Disorderly Conduct 2?

Then, I'll take it to some darker corners and hang with my ppls, Jason Palma, Dirtiest Dale Arsenault & special guest: Karizma.

So Karizma's here again to rinse riddims. Last time he was in YYZ @ 7 Frasier's new little room, I had such a blast. Then, I was @ his bday party in Miami during WMC2007 this year in March. Ran into him the same night outside of the Rawshack Party. This should be something worth peeping for sure.
See you soon.

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