Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thx Stones Throw

I've always respected the label, music and artists, but in more recent years, I have grown to love all about them [read the operation]: the business model, their artwork, simplicity of their site design and philosophy. Let alone Dilla moved there to LA to be with them, and that they house some of the more interesting artsists around right now (Madlib, Guilty Simpson, and employ one too).
They are usually pretty quick to embrace technology and changes in the fan's daily routine - gawd knows we're all over the place: Youtube, Myspace etc...
As such, they have a podcast that I subscribe to, as all iPod/computer owners/fans of indie labels should.

They're more recent one was just one simple track.

and with that being said:

I present Guilty Simpson's Man's World.

Produced by none other than the latest and greatest J Dilla. His legacy scintillates forever. Don't look for this track to be available for sale as a 12" or on GS's 9/11 album (that's right), as there's a very transparent and self evident $ample clearance hurdle. And since they are coming off a lawsuit for The Red (off Jaylib)...


Lean back, click play & enjoy... (after thanking Stones Throw in your prayers).


Ryan said...

That Flying Lotus cat is dope!

Hza said...

Hell yea, he's bananas.