Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Black Beatles present: QXQW, This Tuesday June 5th @ Beaconsfield.

Did someone say party? Since next week is looking to be a bundown of bashments, leading right to the Absolute Requesite night, we had to spark it right. We present: QXQW (we get down) @ The Beacs. 1154 Queen West. Music by the black beatles. More deets coming. Show love. RSVP in comments below if need be.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Alphabet Akon's Real Name.

In light of tonight's Kardi Party long side special guest Akon, I thought we could have some fun. It's sunny out! So, the Senegalese Nate Dogg goes by the name Akon. I know for fact (as I got a hold of his passport one day) that his birth name is longer than the lineup for street meat during the infamous East Coast black out.
Here's the contest: Can you guess the number of letters in Akon's full name?? Take a stab for fun. Post your answer in the comments. I'll post the correct answer and his full name sometime tomorrow during the day. Have fun.

Don't forget that Kardi Party tonight feat. The Alphabet Crooner himself. If you have tix, holla! I'm looking!

NXNE: Saturday Night Live (The Absolute Requisite)

For cats who know me, the list of consequential items in my life read like: family, mortgage (believe it), my clothes and accessories, my Mac, my ppls & my music/shows. On top of that, I try to keep my social calendar fresher than 8am croissants from Clafouti's oven - Dédicaces Olivier! As such, when I get excited about shows, pls believe that this is within reason (mine @ least).
Saturday June 9th, The Glastone Hotel may showcase one of the freshest shows that Toronto will see. NXNE has strung together a night which will feature the exceptional sounds of Illadelphia outfit Nouveau Riche featuring the ravishing Nikki Jean, & the BK/'Nati triumverate Tanya Morgan

I was 1st introduced to both Nikki Jean & Khari Mateen of the Nouveau Riche by a certain Jack Davey (of none other than J*Davey fame) whilst @ The 4th Annual Roots Jam aka their Grammy Party earlier this year (ask me about Brother J of X-Clan when you see me next, shouts to Kardi who was there). Khari had production credits on the last Roots LP Game Theory and has also been rumored to be working on the forthcoming J*Davey LP slated for late 2007. Nouveau Riche's sound has been termed as Post-Genre aka free of any real definition, w/ inspiration coming from more directions than a Garmin GPS. My friends will know me to describe it as fast, or for music lovers.

The Tanya Morgan trio was in Toronto for the 1st time during a benefit concert which unfortunately went unnoticed. Do not replicate this mistake of missing their set as it will be ceratin to relieve the hip hop discontent who keep asserting that hip hop has died (Nas included. Does someone have his cell #?). Hip hop is alive and well, and will be @ The Gladstone Hotel June 9th.
Nota Bene: on a side an mildly related note, Karl Jenkins, most well known as Dice Raw is a member of The Nouveau Riche. Do the math.
I'm so stoked about this, I plan on going shopping for a fresh outfit for that night. Toronto, pls stand up. I'll see you there. Lippo, me and you @ the bar my ninja. He knows wassup.
Go to NXNE for more info.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Doubt Kanye.

I hear you dude.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cool Kids: A little more cooler May 24th, Toronto @ The Social

No doubt. ORD was in the building. Looked like ppl came from all around looking for that bass. Well, smack got served that night. A great turnout. My man from the Chi was like: "Toronto is Bananas my dude". Uh... ¡Sin Duda! The UN is looking for some slick cats like yourself. Let's do it again. Megapxl dissertaion in video and stills below. Shouts to my boy Shannon - welcome my ninja, Justin @ BSS (no doubt dude!), Cherry (killing me w/ skin tight leopard print long side a smoke grey suede perf Supreme fitted despite not telling me nuttin - but who's watchin?), Kim for rolling like a gangstress (where were you this weekend?) & Juan-Miguel DeJesus as always. Hizzla is out.

Mikey Rocks & Inglish rawk it out.

You can use arrows to flip thru pix. Say wrd to Lightbox2.

Indigo Girl Goes Pink: Esthero back in Toronto

I loved her when I 1st heard the music. Not seen her since mi primera vez en la ciudad de LA when we were all trying to get in a Stones Throw party. Had a blast when I was there, and had a blast when I 1st saw her perform live years prior. Her return will be celebrated Wednesday June 6th @ the MOD club. A Pink Pirate x REMG show. Would you believe that cassettes were sold when she 1st dropped? I had 1. Show love.

PS - if anyone has that rare b/w promo sticker from a few years ago of a beautifully naked Esthero, holla! I had 2 and lost both in my move.

Happy Belated Bday Vicky.

She would have been 170 yrs young this past week, and might have even come along for the raging I did this past weekend. Victoria Day was still a blast. Seemed more like Victoria Week (more on that). With she in absentia, I bring you a recent photo of a bashy Queen Lizzy before a Cool Kids show. Who knew The Commonwealth was this dope?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

COOL F*ckin' KIDS: Toronto May 24th @ Social.

My man Shannon from the Chi hit me up like, "yo dude, we in town this week. Let's get up!" Indeed my ninja. Let's get up. And you cats should too. 808 claps, and base so tight fiends will be driving down from Ajax to get this smack. Wrd.
The Cool Kids, Thursday May 24th (this week) @ The Social. 1100 Queen West, in the heart of QB. $5 @ the door.

Bring ya gold and ya pager. Coolest myspace.

Monday, May 21, 2007

TwentyFour: AFTRHRS

Cats know how I stay. May long weekend came and I did it up. Usual. Stuff I recall, and other stuff I don't. Hit Beacs for the ceremonial shot to start it, Kabaret, Cocina on College, D'Luxe for the Marco Polo release night, The Drake for the Milk party w/ La-dy-tron, Supermarket for Abs' rap mitzvah . Also hit this Queen East aftrhrs. Got home laaaaate. All oxtail gravy. The few who caught be on the bench in BK got to see how I do my daze up ;) Want to send a bday shout to Remedios (Feist next week. trynna get in), N.Brown (do it grrrl) and G-G-G-Genya! Was so nice seeing you. Also west coast shouting Erin, Beth & Satyan (welcome to torannah my dude). Last but not least, a Herculean shout (and I do mean shout) to Silent Bob. A coming out of sorts (the double entendre indeed). The nails are kinda bananas. ;)

Shout outs for riding this weekend: Juan-Miguel DeJesus as always, KB & Nat L and Stephanie (I love the pic dude, and McDicks WAS serving brkfst).
As usual, the megapixel dissertation is here. Make it out if you can.