Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1nce again back....

... is the [fill in blank]. So 426 days later to the day, I've brought the spot back from the purgatory. Well, I might actually still be there. Why bring it back you ask? I just missed it - as did a few ppl apparently. A few reasons were associated with it's vanishing, but after a year and change of my travels, I realized that I had too much to say and share. So here we go. All remains the same other than a few obvious items. Most key - the title: The Newest Era ™. Why you ask? 1 - I no longer share the QB postal code (though it remains in my blood). 2, i have crossed some great ppl in this last little while, ppl who will seemingly factor in my future in some capacity, @ least the immediate. 3 - My state of being, refections, things are changing. Period. This will sorta be my raison d'être. mymanhenri.com is the Newest Era ™. SMPLSZ is Newest Era ™. Turntable is the Newest Era ™. Welcome back.... Let's GO! BTW, happy birthday Yamster.

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