Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dutty Winehouse: Amy Winehouse, May 12-13 2007. MOD Club. Toronto.

Dutty, Dutty Wine-house. I mean, I had heard the music, read the accolades. So these back to back SOLD OUT shows this week were going to be the zenith of a brilliant string of parties this weekend.
As much I as love her music, nothing did compare with the live act. The sound was quasi neo big band, backed by the Dap Kings - who packed a set of horns that we brighter than the sun on a clear day on a playa cubana (We did it Brooklyn!). In full viva voce were her back up vocalists Zalon & Hashima who offered not only sound but visions of Motown. But most melodious was Dutty Dutty Wine-house. The oft documented comportment characterized as unrestrained, unruly and vociferous, was balanced on stage with angelic harmony. Only thing bigger that her voice might have been her hair - which looked to account for much of her certainly sub-100 lbs weight. ;). These were the last 2 shows before heading back to ENG. She's due back this summer for V-Fest. Hopefully, she'll be backed by the Dap Kings 1nce more. Again, horns so bright, I needed shades! Below is the footage from the encore from the last show. Enjoy.

So with that, I leave you with a dream that I had, supplicating to a higher power that Ghostface would come out for the encore, performing his version of You Know I'm No Good off More Fish, the duet with Dutty Winehouse herself. WE EAT FISH! Click below and enjoy a mouthful.

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