Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not mad @ all...

... I mean, ppl have to grind no?? As I may not have mentioned, there will be a retrospective element as I have such a backlog of events.... So, on a trip to Screw York a few months back, I was BK bound on the train to meet my ppls. Oddly enough, I was staring @ these cats just sorta standing there. Something seemed unnatural. This one cat in front of me was in a wife-b and had a few tattoed tear drops under his left eye. Oh-Kay. Another dude stood across from him as well, with a 3rd apparent accomplice sitting with a JVC Boombox. Remember those?? They really cranked, but they needed F batteries to last thru one side of a cassette. So, anyhow, back to these dudes. Out of nowhere, they shout out this war chant (bboy battle chant I gather), and then suddenly tear into some floor work in the sbwy. Stunned and agape, I whipped out my Nokia N90 and documented pretty much the whole event. I watched this whole thing go down in amazement as I though, where was the room to do the floor work?? I mean... that was daring, and the train was in full speed in between stops. Not sure u've have the chance to ride it, but the MTA sbwy cars do not have independent suspension. So, grinning the whole time, I watch these guys thru a routine and @ the end, passed the Yankees fitted around for donations (grinDING). Wow. Bboyin is w/o a doubt and artform - which I also feels could be an olympic event (that's another story). But, I gave these two a score of 10: One guy was a 1, the other a 0. The routine was not hot, but I still had fun. I'm not mad @ all @ cats grinding for that chesse. In any case, enjoy:

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