Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cool Kids: A little more cooler May 24th, Toronto @ The Social

No doubt. ORD was in the building. Looked like ppl came from all around looking for that bass. Well, smack got served that night. A great turnout. My man from the Chi was like: "Toronto is Bananas my dude". Uh... ¡Sin Duda! The UN is looking for some slick cats like yourself. Let's do it again. Megapxl dissertaion in video and stills below. Shouts to my boy Shannon - welcome my ninja, Justin @ BSS (no doubt dude!), Cherry (killing me w/ skin tight leopard print long side a smoke grey suede perf Supreme fitted despite not telling me nuttin - but who's watchin?), Kim for rolling like a gangstress (where were you this weekend?) & Juan-Miguel DeJesus as always. Hizzla is out.

Mikey Rocks & Inglish rawk it out.

You can use arrows to flip thru pix. Say wrd to Lightbox2.

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