Monday, May 21, 2007

TwentyFour: AFTRHRS

Cats know how I stay. May long weekend came and I did it up. Usual. Stuff I recall, and other stuff I don't. Hit Beacs for the ceremonial shot to start it, Kabaret, Cocina on College, D'Luxe for the Marco Polo release night, The Drake for the Milk party w/ La-dy-tron, Supermarket for Abs' rap mitzvah . Also hit this Queen East aftrhrs. Got home laaaaate. All oxtail gravy. The few who caught be on the bench in BK got to see how I do my daze up ;) Want to send a bday shout to Remedios (Feist next week. trynna get in), N.Brown (do it grrrl) and G-G-G-Genya! Was so nice seeing you. Also west coast shouting Erin, Beth & Satyan (welcome to torannah my dude). Last but not least, a Herculean shout (and I do mean shout) to Silent Bob. A coming out of sorts (the double entendre indeed). The nails are kinda bananas. ;)

Shout outs for riding this weekend: Juan-Miguel DeJesus as always, KB & Nat L and Stephanie (I love the pic dude, and McDicks WAS serving brkfst).
As usual, the megapixel dissertation is here. Make it out if you can.

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