Sunday, October 26, 2008

Black is Still Back: Nov 6th 2008 @ Revival

Man... anyone who knows me, know that I get into this work funk when I'm in season. I have a backlog of posts and have yet to post them. ARGH.

Anyhow, this is a quick, simple reminder. We got Black Milk in Toronto Nov 6th @ Revival celebrating the release of TRONIC, the new LP in stores Sept 28th - that's THIS TUESDAY.

Here's some footage from a few days ago in NYC @ Southpaw.

Anyone with a discerning eye might have caught the one and only Daru Jones on drums. Say wrd. Shouts to Heath for the link. Come thru my dude!

See the rest of you cats Nov 6th.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tickle Your Ivory

As many of you may have observed, I do my best to exercise heightened dental hygiene as the alternative is not an option. No benefits will make you carry some floss and an extra toothbrush here and there. I would keep one in my glove box of the german car, the trunk of my spanish scooter let alone the one @ home.
With that being said, can and should you look @ the opportunity to carry a pretty brush?? I did last year - but balked. But on my return to LAX last week, I promised myself I would do it - so I did.

Presenting the Japanese made Paul Smith Black Toothbrush - bristles included. Black in all 17 cms of glory. Wild no?? This black toothbrush is supposed to give you white teeth. ;) cute. Regardless, this was so striking, I had to get one. And in fact, this will be part of my remodeling campaign with it likely serving as a simple decorative piece in my lone lavatory.

A black toothbrish with black bristles. Hmmmm... but why stop there?? Why not black toothpaste. What about black dental floss?? Are we scared the ink will run?? I know that I use some lime green floss right now and the bristles on my brush are a US democratic blue. I don't see any issues. Ay yo, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, get cracking. I'd cop these black items.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love You Kate!

An email came in yesterday @ 14h38 (19h38 local London, UK time)

"Alright hiz have the jeans in hand, the slim ones they didnt have the exact grey u wanted so i got a really nice plain grey figure cant go wrong with them and if u dont like i can take back xx"

update today @ 9h48AM EST

"I am pretty sure you'll like em hiz. I figured better to have 2 pairs rather than 1...they are so cheap its amazing!! £35...amazing!

See you in 8days!"

Only days ago, I lamented the fact that i had to wash some jeans and subsequently ruin their finish. Well, friends to the rescue! BESO!

Bout to get my dnm game back in line. ;)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deed Done: CDN Election

Funny how the US gubernatorial drama has had me politically invigorated. 1st thing I did this AM was go make my electoral selection. Let's see how things turn out. Nonetheless, it's made things pretty interesting indeed.
Would you believe that I've been so fascinated with the US call that there were moments where I though that political involvement would be kinda cool. But alas, the way they dig up bygone happenings, I couldn't handle the sleepless nights. Am I a bad dude?? Far from. But man, I'm good with my privacy. I would have to go out and untag the 300+ photos on FB as I'm sure that would be an issue @ some point (I've been debating that anyhow). Public office is not for the faint of heart.
They'll talk to your close friends and your not so close ones. They'll fallow you around, and god for bid you should go out and have a good time.
You can forget about sending any kind of txt message/PIN'ing friends. They'll get a hold of that. But that's another story....
So shouts to all who make their living trabajando para los gentes.
The very people you want to serve will take you do the world's zenith, but also to a career nadir. I for one could not handle these NASDAQ swings.

But The People are still dope. Tell'em Com.


Monday, October 13, 2008

I Don't Wash

I hate it in fact.

Last night was Wayne Warner's infamous Premium Denim Affair (Stop it P!) and I had an small appetite for this one as it was just moments after the Maxwell show and I was fully around the corner.

But sadly, i was hit with a triplicate of challenges. First, my date was uninterested, the gang of usual cohorts were all scattering, and thirdly, I ultimately didn't have my fave pair of dnm adorning my slim backside.

Which?? Well, i'm glad you asked! ;). Last summer, during my Tour Of EU, I went and did a little bit of shopping despite the diminutive CAN$ vs the £. But I did make my way down to Top Shop to purchase what would become my most top rated paid or jeans. A raw wash with a resin type finish. Just lovely.

So, as many of you who know me have learned, I have a no wash dnm policy. I figured that you wear jeans and then take them off. That's it. 1nce dnm as been washed, it's never the same. The day that i wash my dnm is when it's been officially relegated to Sunday clothes status, never to grace the halls or surroundings of a social soirée.

I had been recently riding my Giant hard with my Top Shops on, and in fact, I had them on during the most famous bail. All of that had taken place w/o a single wash. The time had finally come as they were propagating a hum. I reluctantly dumped them in the wash.


Aware of the jeans would rise from these cold waters with a new identity, I pulled them out and voilà:

The new wear is now very evident. The deep color has now vanished just as the resign coating has, and I just don't feel they're as banging. Saddening.


Would you have it that a good lady friend of mine is in London right now, and is making her way down here?? Well... I'm glad to announce that earlier today I sent my request across the pond in a quick electronic communication aka an email. So as it stands right now, I should have new pair on their way.

Can't wait. Say wrd.


Friday, October 10, 2008

My Man Henri presents: The Date Idol!

So what is this all about?? Months ago, I got tix to the Maxwell show this Sunday Oct 12th. I totally forgot about it and was reminded by a kind and timely email.

This is apparently a hot ticket and I for one have not paid much attention to the whole thing. But it is long weekend, and I did decide to stay in town. But I am @ present time sans date. Can you help me out??

Do you supply stride across a room in your Christian Louboutin heels along with your Chloé clutch and other such accoutrements?? Does your Hervé Leger dress fit you like the couturier called for you as his model?? Will the waft from Tom Ford Black Orchid's perfume leave most spellbound when you pass them by?? A pretty and alluring smile??

Do you answer yes to all?? Just a few?? Or none?? Well... lemme know why you, a single female would be a great date for this Maxwell show. I love great prose. You can message me on FB if you choose, or email me ( all marvelous prose and megapixels. I like creative types, but don't limit myself to... LOL, this is starting to read like a contract.

The rules? There are none! The winner will be contacted by email and be scooped up in the finest German engineering that i can afford. A Jetta. LOL.

Anyhow, chat soon! ;)


Just Because I Really love uuuuuuuu.....

I'm back. Sadly, but I'm back.

But could I really complain?? Sun, sand and cervezas...

I forgot my camera in LA though. So I won't have pix for a few days. SUCKS! I had some great ones.

Real quick, although I had not plans to shop, I had to touch few stores.

Shouts to my man Meg@ for lacing me. Made my ceremonial and obligatory way down to MJ's and Paul Smith flag ships. Burton ALWAYS gets touched. Funny what banging luggage will do. Complete strangers hollering. ;) Thank you Burton.

Although I am glad to be back, I can only sit back and think about what whole week had been like. From the great weather, to all the bikes I saw rolling around, to the cats that I met and the soirées I attended. Again, shouts to Ty G and Kim for holding me down, I got you cats all day. Anytime. Shouts to Little T as well. ;)

Anyhow, more on the week when I get my pix... but in the meat time: my theme song pls. Beats, Beats, Beats....

Ok. I'm regrettably off to work. Sun is shining though... not all is bad.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I always thought that David Duchovny was a good dude still. I was down with during X Files and sh*t, you know he's heavy in that showtime show of his...

Cali in my eyes is like a sort of Mini Mecca. I'm starting to qualify my trips to the Golden State as a quasi pseudo Hajj. So consider this my very own Holy Month (or days really... and by this heat? More like Daze!). Hza's Holidays HolyDays.

So why not come out here?? After confirming a few work deets, I jumped on expedia, plugged in my dates and here were my cost details on a return flight to LAX:

BAM. Are you f*cking kidding me?? No.

I then figured that I would need a rental seeing that LA is just inaccessible without one. So, looked for a rental as well, for 4 days:

Are you f*cking kidding me?? Are we getting that ripped off in Canada?? Getting it with no vaseline?? Seems so. Wow.

Anyhow, I came down to decompress and to surprise some long time friends with a visit to Floss Angeles....


That's what I'll call it.

Since I landed on a Sunday, you know I had to touch Do Over. Shouts to my mans Strong, Haycock and Aloe. This week they had Sake One repping SFO (sadly, I had no time to make it out there to pick up a lost keychain among other things... ), Almighty Rich Medina, FRA's DJ Mehdi and my mello my man Ty G of world famous HVW8.

Do Over was it's usual ebullient self. Good ppls and great music. Say wrd. Shouts to House Shoes (See you in a few weeks), and fer sure - SHOUTS TO P.U.D.G.E. (VJC). Meeting my man right there, was the highlight of my night. More on him hella soon. Say wrd.

My main man Aloe Blacc in the building.

You know I had to make a quick stop by HVW8 gallery and show love? Shouts to Max and my man Proh of Hawthorn Headhunter.

Shouts to my man Millie who's always blown away when I show up.

Is it me or does DJ Mehdi not look like Jonathan Ramos? Or is that the other way around?? LOL.

Big shouts to fellow Canuck Asya who was also floored when I just popped in! BESO!

But man.... can you really blame me for coming out?? Check out today's forecast:

On top of that, the view from my man's place Ty G. is just bananas...

Good Look Ty G and massive shouts to Green Spatula aka Kim. ;)

Just hope to come home with a tan... Aiiight. Enough. I have a beach to drive to. More to come...

Muy temprano!


Saturday, October 04, 2008


No no no... Not Purple Passion, but PRPL PSHN.

Sometime this past year. I was telling my clients that they could easily sell some purple dnm. But then again, I had a passion for the pretty hue for a min. Used to rock a prpl back pack, polartec and goretex shell. Sh*t.

So when I saw these, I was sold pon di spot. White on white kicks with the same tee? Long side a gold Nixon Ticket with a purple face? All love.

Tell em Nas!


Friday, October 03, 2008

Sen. Biden & Gov Palin VP debate: Download it here.

Watched it. Heard it.

This is more like an exercise in tagging.

you can download the whole debate here.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


Man, now that I have moved my beat music maundering over to a new blog, well... most of it anyhow, I'll be returning to my qwerty qalamities. I'm acutally pretty pumped about it. I got pretty tunnel visioned for a min about this music, and I won't stop loving it. But man, there's so much of me I was just leaving out there. And as I mentioned, the writing is fun... no? Anyhow, look for restoration of irreverence, bytes upon bytes of blasphemy, and my daily dosage destiny.

Let's GO!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I f*cking hate Toronto

That's right.

I've talked about it time and time again. I can't stand it here. There's too much ground to cover. I don't have enough time to do all of this. And that's just me chatting about all the pretty women here. ;) Shouts to Phar-REAL, Com and Rose Royce (I see you!)

But seriously Toronto. You spoil me.

This past Monday, we just had Common/N.E.R.D. come thru for a show. Shouts to my girl Sinah! Miss you (wo)man. ;)

But we're getting on bombardment of performances in the next 4 weeks. Which you ask??

Here we go:

Monday Oct 6th: Robin Thicke.

Some may recall the last one where there was a marriage proposal.

Thursday Oct 9th: RedBull Big Bang

This will be one big party. Look for AA chicks running around in neon tights, and me hanging in the cut with the cute ones. Lidell?? That will be the sh*t. say wrd.

Saturday and Sunday Oct 11-12: Digable Planets.

A reunion tour? All good. Well... Just show me where Lady-Bug is staying, ya ddig? With 2 'Ds' for a double dose of that xxxxxxx. Holla if you know how that phrase ends.

Oh... and I have no flyer for this one, and I'm still unsure if I'll be going, but your man Maxwell is here. Oct 12th - long weekend Sunday.

Opener, Jazmine Sullivan?? Hmmmm..... I in fact have tckts already but was MAYBE going to move them. Might go now that I see the opener. Oh yeah... it's my bday weekend. Shhhhhh.

Sunday Oct 19th: Little Brother.

Bananas. And no more SARS jokes either...

Friday Oct 24th: Zaki Ibrahim

Sin Duda. Also looking fwd to seeing opened TC.

Sunday Oct 26th: The Roots w/ Gym Class Heroes & Estelle.

Man, this is not real. Is it??

Nov 4th: Ill Bill w/ Sean Price

Jesus Price w/ the Devil himself? Say wrd. Love both. But why is IllBill headlining this one?? Hmmm... This should be a co deal. All love.

And finally but not least:

NOV 6th 2008: BLACK MILK & ELZHI & DJ House SHoes!

It's so official.

Compendium: 4 weeks. 9 shows. DIZZYING! So save your coin folks. This is almost excessive. F*cking Toronto. I hate you for real.