Sunday, May 25, 2008

Santo Domingo: Daru Jones

It's Sunday and I've been up hasta las siete. Believe it.

And speaking off the Holy Spirit (and then not that stuff I drank out Friday night that had me seeing stars), I have to shout this cat: drummer and producer Daru Jones.

Man, still not sure how I came across my man, but wow... I was never much of a church goer (only when I visited my dear Aunt in MTL - and I am baptized ), but this Daru cat will get me to hit church the way he flips and rmxs gospel. Just bananas.

And for all you producers out there, your man Daru is still messing with an antiquated set up: a SP-303 and an Akai S20. I almost bought that S20 YEARS ago when it 1st dropped. With an outfit like that, that's prolly how he gets that grimey gospel sound (LOL). Pretty sick.

Anyhow, how could I not start my day with a Yolanda Adams rmx by your man Daru. This is begging to be a longer track my dude. Still love it though. He flips that break something lovely.


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