Wednesday, May 14, 2008

<< Made (it) Over >>

2 years in the making.

Say wrd?

Yea. For 2 yrs, I've been trying to make it to this legendary party.

The Do-Over

This LA début de soirée was born 4 yrs ago from the brain of a triumvirate:

Minister Of Information J. Strong, Haycock and my man Aloe Blacc. Sick

Every Sunday from May 18th onwards, if you're in LA, do not do yourself that disservice of missing this event. The guests that have come thru have been numerous and of highest esteem.

So May 18th 2008. The inaugural blast. YES! My luck has it that I'll be in the area. Hide the women and children: My Man Henri will be in the buildin'. Been a min since I last been out there. Many of you know about my undying love for the west now. In fact, do you know that I have an LA phone ##?? You bet. Ask for it when you see me next. where you need to be, if you're not going to make it to LA.

So let's listen to a now transplanted LA cat tell us that' it all love. The Light 08 (it's love) - your man Common.

See you Sunday.

Say wrd.


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