Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Soldier Girl: Badu Cranks Dat @ Massey Hall, May 05 2008

What a show.

I love a wide stage and a packed house. Good Look to my man Jon Jon who got me some seats so close to the stage that I could see the clasp on the backup singer's Maidenform T-back bra, thru were loosely tied blouse.

Anyhow, your man had a blast. Good show, great company and great ppl - MI GENTES! Shouts to J. Ramos again for the seats. the soft seater was not that bad after all. Good Look to Ayana for the shots - shudda brought my digi! All love. They came out nice same way. Say wrd.

Click for larger view.

Shouts to Zaki who I had not seen perform yet, but her release party is next week, so I'll chat about she later.

Say wrd.


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