Monday, May 05, 2008

Mi Gentes: Badu x Cinco De Mayo. Badu, Massey Hall. TONIGHT!


Like mentioned previously, she and I did not see eye to eye, but I'm down with this new record. Say wrd.
So, she's in town tonight, and it should be a sold out show.
Ready to rawk..

tckt... check.

Gear for tonight??... check.

Got this from MIA from Hit n Run (Big UP!) during the WMC Giant Step parties. Say wrd.

Music?? All day.

Hold this rmx but the multi talented Muhsniah - beats, boards, vocals and rhymes. Say wrd. This is the real thang. Look for this to get run Thursday during GLORIOUS @ Irie Food Joint. Enjoy.

See you tonight.

Enrique Pandillero. Paz.


1 comment:

Yani said...

that was an enjoyable concert wasn't it? yoga ball anyone?

wait till you see the pics!