Monday, May 26, 2008

We're Black! QXQW, June 12th @ UNIT.

The mandem are black.

Black Beatles aka Fortissimo Foursome all day. Again, this is kinda funny but the joke that was playfully discussed among us has now become a full blown deal.
Hey, when are the Black Beatles playing? Hey, can we get some Black Beatles to run a set?? Well, the mandem have reached.

Jon John Lenin Lennon &
George Jefferson Harrison &
El gRingo Spliff Starr &
Paul Wall McCartney.

So this is how we celebrate:

June 12th, @ Unit (1198 Queen St West).
So we're reaching with the Champion Sound that the ppl dem expect from us.

The music that the mandem will run will be as varied as the ladies we'll have in attendance. ;)

But one thing for sure, we'll bang em out...

And that's the best part...

See you June 12th.


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