Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hard Sell.

What have I gotten myself into??

It's love. I think I was in this same spot some years back. When I 1st started to play out. No one was trying to hear me. But the ice eventually cracked.

"Hip Hop will never work in a club night"
- some clown, circa 96

That's infact what someone was saying in justifying why I should not get put on. The quote, verbatim. Yea. Early 90s talk. And ppl talk about the Golden Age... ha.

Anyone who was in the Canadian Capital during the glory (and sometime gory) days (or was that daze?) of the Thunderdome, holla @ your man. Line-ups in the dead of winter thru 2am when the club closed @ 3a. Say wrd?? Wrd.

So as I look back at what was then, I open my eyes and see some of the same landscape. Argh. All good though. Had a quick but cool little convo w/ my man Speakerbruiser of the MEGASOID camp. They're doing their thing in MTL.

And even he admits that the beat music, Hoodtronica™ has been a hard sell here in yyz as they have monthly that has been... well. just there for now. I'll be peeping the next one for myself. But, in the interim, we are both doing a beat music date in the last week of June, so I'm pretty pumped about this one. So... Let's GO!

It will happen.


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Richniques said...

Ahhh.... Thunder Dome . Trevor Walker , Dusty , Versatile , Hatian Sensation ( Dat be you ) and Hip hop in every flavor. Nightschool for most on a Hip hop Diet.
I feel you Home . Build it and they will come.