Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beats Like a Piñata! Samiyam Rap Beats v.1


I'll never forget it. Samiyam sitting on the couch @ RBMA, playing his joints like... "Yeah... My sh*t don't stink!"

LOL. But man, he had bangers. Since, the relocated MI native now residing in LA has been diligently banging away on that SP-303, adding his trademark eerie keys and subsonic bass grooves. Things got a little craze when he posted his own rmx of "Souljah Boy (Crank Dat!)" on his myspace, and had the in-ter-net-going-nuts. I recall chatting w/ HouseShoes who was like... That rmx is the SHIT! Play it again! His shit don't stink for real. I like to end my sets w/ that joint almost all the time now...

Anyhow... his long time brethren Flying Lotus has massaged a situation for Sam, and that has just translated into a new release.

Rap Beats Vol.1 - AVAILABLE NOW!

A collection of Samiyam's recent works that was in fact avail for a min through his myspace. Now, consider it an official release on FlyLo's own imprint - Brainfeeder. Say wrd.

So, whilst you sit here reading the rest of this post, click here and open a new iTunes window to go cop this newest installment of what I like to characterize as Robotica™. LOL.

Might crack a smile, but ain't a damn thing funny.... Michigan plates when y'all n*ggas mouth stop runnin'... B*TCH N*GGAS!


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