Thursday, May 15, 2008

French Kissey (my luck has struck)

Miami - no luck
LA - no luck
Chitown - no luck
NY - still no luck.

Plethora in the comfort of my own couch back Toronto?? You bet.

How could you not love these sweet Swede sounds?? (Say that 5 times fast)

After having a string of bad luck trying to see this fine young singer live, I was glad to settle with her new album.

As I posted about previously, freshest new face Kissey Asplund has released more new music, and essentially the follow up to that EP.

Just in a quick browse of her myspace, I was reminded that the Plethora record I had been patiently waiting for dropped. And, if I had recalled correctly, the whole record was done and produced by this French production crew called Papa Jazz. Bananas.

Oft previously discussed, the music's boundaries are tested and being pushed from the EU side of the world - be it the artists or the labels signing them. But, regardless of the origin of the riddms, they are bangin'.

So, as I sit here and wrap things up (I'm in SF as I write this), get all Kissey - and Beam Me Up!

Look for more of her joints to get played when you check me out... Maybe the next Glorious??

Say wrd!


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