Monday, May 19, 2008

Done Over: Do Over, Los Angeles CA. May 18, 2008


In so many ways.

So done.

Both the Sun & Cerwin Vegas were on blast.

After a few years of unsuccessful attempts to make it down for LA's infamous Do Over, I finally made the cross continental journey. Consider it the Visit by the Vicar of Christ, the Papal stopover. One would have assumed so by the purity of the white on white habiliment (apart from this Holy Water I abused that came in a Dutch green bottle.)

But fashion aside, I urge all and any who will be in LA thru a weekend to touch the Do Over on a Sunday, 2pm-10pm, with the finest music you could hear, alongside the most agreeable and unpretentious crowd you'll find - and this IS LA. The Do Over and the ppl that frequent it are one of many reasons I see it as a home away from home @ times. I just can't get enough my girl California.

1st off, shouts to the Triumvirate who run the spot: Bday man himself, J Strong, Haycock and my man Aloe Blacc. SURPRISE! Also a serious shot to my man Computer J.

FINALLY got to meet my man. After chatting @ length online, we finally get to toast it up. Pls keep and eye on my man. He's silly with it. If you subscribe to the HVW8 podcast, #18 - likely my fave. Period.

Shouts to my man House Shoes.

Always good to see you dude. All Day. I'll give you more warning next time.

Finally, shouts to Illa J.

Heir to the thrown? Only time will tell. That Yancey boys stuff... we know all too much about it. That's fa sho. Shake it down pt 2 was stoopid dude. Looking fwd to more music indeed.

Shouts to J-Rocc. Sorry had to bounce so early. Always a pleasure. Shouts to Diz. We need 36 hr days man. Shouts to Blanche DuB. Proxima vex fa sho! Teron. Where ya @? May Hem Jay Dee, band practice all day. I'll be around longer next time. I know the show will be nice.

Anyhow, here are just a few pics that I took. The SD750 is pretty serious.

Even more serious... my man Illa J. Shake it down 2. Enjoy... So Serious.

Say wrd.

Pope Henri LXXI


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