Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hard Sell.

What have I gotten myself into??

It's love. I think I was in this same spot some years back. When I 1st started to play out. No one was trying to hear me. But the ice eventually cracked.

"Hip Hop will never work in a club night"
- some clown, circa 96

That's infact what someone was saying in justifying why I should not get put on. The quote, verbatim. Yea. Early 90s talk. And ppl talk about the Golden Age... ha.

Anyone who was in the Canadian Capital during the glory (and sometime gory) days (or was that daze?) of the Thunderdome, holla @ your man. Line-ups in the dead of winter thru 2am when the club closed @ 3a. Say wrd?? Wrd.

So as I look back at what was then, I open my eyes and see some of the same landscape. Argh. All good though. Had a quick but cool little convo w/ my man Speakerbruiser of the MEGASOID camp. They're doing their thing in MTL.

And even he admits that the beat music, Hoodtronica™ has been a hard sell here in yyz as they have monthly that has been... well. just there for now. I'll be peeping the next one for myself. But, in the interim, we are both doing a beat music date in the last week of June, so I'm pretty pumped about this one. So... Let's GO!

It will happen.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Huggin The Block: That time Of Year Again...


Well... I don't really hate it. But it's that time of year where in past, I've been too tired to chat about anything. But Man... I need to get this done.

Need to dig deep...

The pot of gold is BCN (huh?? google it). I need to be there in a few weeks and if I don't make it, I'll blame work entirely, and I'll end up with a pot of coal! :(


Pls pray for me as i try to get these custies to cooperate. If they get in line and all is on time, i'll be bloggin somewhere in the mediterranean sun, with that sweet beat music poppin. Say wrd.

I need to stay focused man! Had a custie this AM. Going to see more now...

I got that Blue Magic! Well, it's more like white...

So here's that Street Corner Music to take us out...

And yes, I do work for all those who asked in the past. LOL.

H o l l a @ ur man if you need...

Hank Lucas.


Monday, May 26, 2008

We're Black! QXQW, June 12th @ UNIT.

The mandem are black.

Black Beatles aka Fortissimo Foursome all day. Again, this is kinda funny but the joke that was playfully discussed among us has now become a full blown deal.
Hey, when are the Black Beatles playing? Hey, can we get some Black Beatles to run a set?? Well, the mandem have reached.

Jon John Lenin Lennon &
George Jefferson Harrison &
El gRingo Spliff Starr &
Paul Wall McCartney.

So this is how we celebrate:

June 12th, @ Unit (1198 Queen St West).
So we're reaching with the Champion Sound that the ppl dem expect from us.

The music that the mandem will run will be as varied as the ladies we'll have in attendance. ;)

But one thing for sure, we'll bang em out...

And that's the best part...

See you June 12th.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Santo Domingo: Daru Jones

It's Sunday and I've been up hasta las siete. Believe it.

And speaking off the Holy Spirit (and then not that stuff I drank out Friday night that had me seeing stars), I have to shout this cat: drummer and producer Daru Jones.

Man, still not sure how I came across my man, but wow... I was never much of a church goer (only when I visited my dear Aunt in MTL - and I am baptized ), but this Daru cat will get me to hit church the way he flips and rmxs gospel. Just bananas.

And for all you producers out there, your man Daru is still messing with an antiquated set up: a SP-303 and an Akai S20. I almost bought that S20 YEARS ago when it 1st dropped. With an outfit like that, that's prolly how he gets that grimey gospel sound (LOL). Pretty sick.

Anyhow, how could I not start my day with a Yolanda Adams rmx by your man Daru. This is begging to be a longer track my dude. Still love it though. He flips that break something lovely.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Distortion To Static

Mixing and blending is so yesterday.
I recall tracing my path to ME-J'in and my future plans with future beats (or beat music, Hoodtronica™), I knew that I wanted to sonically have something as fresh as it was new. Why should riddims always be mixed and blended? Why not fade out and transition in a storm of electronic haze?


Enter the Korg Mini KaossPad. [click for larger]

Essentially, this is the small version of the well known Kaos KP3 (which I didn't feel like springing $400 for, though I did like it whilst @ the RBMA) which is essentially 1st for foremost an effects processor and has some extra bells and whistles.

One thing I loved about the Mini KP on paper, is that it was a) a dedicated effects box - that's all it does, and b), runs off batteries.
I've used it 1nce so far and plan to run it tons more as I slowly work into my routine.

My setup was outed in a photo @ GLORIOUS a few weeks back. LOL. This is far from being Mossad so all good.
Anyhow, the only challenges I see so far are the 99 effects - many of them are a little too similar, and using RCAs in a XLR world can be challenging as well. But no worries, adapters all day. As well, the sensitive preset input level. DROVE ME BANANAS my 1st night. ARGH.
If I ever get this mixtape done maybe you'll hear this thing @ work! It's all for you!
Anyhow, wish me luck.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tonight! 92 BPM presents James Pants - Welcome.

Come and get fitted!

James Pants listening event tonight.

Listening Party - Toronto Edition.
Thursday May 22nd 2008
@ Stone Lounge (below Revival)
783 College St (@ Shaw)

** FREE ** FREE **

We'll have prizing in the form of these dope Parra stickers, some 7" as well as more James Pants mixed CDs.

And you know it's a 92BPM thing. Bangers all night long.

Tell a friend, bring another.

Say wrd.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Done Over: Do Over, Los Angeles CA. May 18, 2008


In so many ways.

So done.

Both the Sun & Cerwin Vegas were on blast.

After a few years of unsuccessful attempts to make it down for LA's infamous Do Over, I finally made the cross continental journey. Consider it the Visit by the Vicar of Christ, the Papal stopover. One would have assumed so by the purity of the white on white habiliment (apart from this Holy Water I abused that came in a Dutch green bottle.)

But fashion aside, I urge all and any who will be in LA thru a weekend to touch the Do Over on a Sunday, 2pm-10pm, with the finest music you could hear, alongside the most agreeable and unpretentious crowd you'll find - and this IS LA. The Do Over and the ppl that frequent it are one of many reasons I see it as a home away from home @ times. I just can't get enough my girl California.

1st off, shouts to the Triumvirate who run the spot: Bday man himself, J Strong, Haycock and my man Aloe Blacc. SURPRISE! Also a serious shot to my man Computer J.

FINALLY got to meet my man. After chatting @ length online, we finally get to toast it up. Pls keep and eye on my man. He's silly with it. If you subscribe to the HVW8 podcast, #18 - likely my fave. Period.

Shouts to my man House Shoes.

Always good to see you dude. All Day. I'll give you more warning next time.

Finally, shouts to Illa J.

Heir to the thrown? Only time will tell. That Yancey boys stuff... we know all too much about it. That's fa sho. Shake it down pt 2 was stoopid dude. Looking fwd to more music indeed.

Shouts to J-Rocc. Sorry had to bounce so early. Always a pleasure. Shouts to Diz. We need 36 hr days man. Shouts to Blanche DuB. Proxima vex fa sho! Teron. Where ya @? May Hem Jay Dee, band practice all day. I'll be around longer next time. I know the show will be nice.

Anyhow, here are just a few pics that I took. The SD750 is pretty serious.

Even more serious... my man Illa J. Shake it down 2. Enjoy... So Serious.

Say wrd.

Pope Henri LXXI


Friday, May 16, 2008

Still Straight West....


I've some ppl txt me like... "dude, what's up this weekend??"

Well, how about this:

That's wassup. Sun, sol et encore plus de soleil!

Some record heat hit the Bay Area yesterday, Your man was like... whoa. But, still not dizzied enough to not take some shots. Like I mentioned, got my hands on a new SD750.

It's been fun, but the best has yet to reach... click away...

H o l l e r a t e .


Say "LA STYLE...."

Shouts to my man P.U.D.G.E. who's got that flow, and who's extra silly on the MP.

I see you stay holding a cold one. All love. Domingo dude.

say wrd.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

French Kissey (my luck has struck)

Miami - no luck
LA - no luck
Chitown - no luck
NY - still no luck.

Plethora in the comfort of my own couch back Toronto?? You bet.

How could you not love these sweet Swede sounds?? (Say that 5 times fast)

After having a string of bad luck trying to see this fine young singer live, I was glad to settle with her new album.

As I posted about previously, freshest new face Kissey Asplund has released more new music, and essentially the follow up to that EP.

Just in a quick browse of her myspace, I was reminded that the Plethora record I had been patiently waiting for dropped. And, if I had recalled correctly, the whole record was done and produced by this French production crew called Papa Jazz. Bananas.

Oft previously discussed, the music's boundaries are tested and being pushed from the EU side of the world - be it the artists or the labels signing them. But, regardless of the origin of the riddms, they are bangin'.

So, as I sit here and wrap things up (I'm in SF as I write this), get all Kissey - and Beam Me Up!

Look for more of her joints to get played when you check me out... Maybe the next Glorious??

Say wrd!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

<< Made (it) Over >>

2 years in the making.

Say wrd?

Yea. For 2 yrs, I've been trying to make it to this legendary party.

The Do-Over

This LA début de soirée was born 4 yrs ago from the brain of a triumvirate:

Minister Of Information J. Strong, Haycock and my man Aloe Blacc. Sick

Every Sunday from May 18th onwards, if you're in LA, do not do yourself that disservice of missing this event. The guests that have come thru have been numerous and of highest esteem.

So May 18th 2008. The inaugural blast. YES! My luck has it that I'll be in the area. Hide the women and children: My Man Henri will be in the buildin'. Been a min since I last been out there. Many of you know about my undying love for the west now. In fact, do you know that I have an LA phone ##?? You bet. Ask for it when you see me next. where you need to be, if you're not going to make it to LA.

So let's listen to a now transplanted LA cat tell us that' it all love. The Light 08 (it's love) - your man Common.

See you Sunday.

Say wrd.


Straight Westcoastin



CA - All day.

Love it out here man. Came to decompress... among other things. Look for some good updates. ;)

+ I got my new SD750.

Click for bigger.

Chat soon.


Friday, May 09, 2008

92BPM x Stones Throw do James Pants: May 22nd 2008

Like it says.

92BPM meets Stones Throw.

On the plate, will be a celebration of the James Pants release, WELCOME. A new record from the West Coast native James Pants, dropping on famed West Coast mini powerhouse Stones Throw.

How would I describe Welcome?? Let me borrow a quote from XLR8:

"Future shock era, Herbie Hancock, LA electro New Age-y French disco."

Add a little je ne sais quoi, and you have James Pants' Welcome. Nonetheless, come out and judge it for yourself. Deets are as follows:

JAMES PANTS - WELCOME Listening Party - Toronto Edition.
Thursday May 22nd 2008
@ Stone Lounge (below Revival)
783 College St (@ Shaw)

** FREE ** FREE **

View Larger Map

Hosted/music by your most high exalted. The MP will be on blast, aka Mezzo Forte.
Look for the Welcome album to get some play all night, as well as a good dose of the Stones Throw catalog.

Will be a blast, so in the mean time, hold this Ka$h. Free James Pants MP3 from Stones throw.

You see you on May 22nd. And yes, it's FREE.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

van.... GLORIOUS! Tonight @ IRIE FOOD JOINT!

This will be protected but the red, the black and the green! LOL.

As I mentioned, Riddims, Red Stripes and Roti. Can it get any better? I know that the sexy gyal dem will reach same way. LOL.
As I type, the sun is shining pon a man still. It was written. I know a few of you have yet to see my most recent embodiment - on some arm leg leg arm head business pon di MP ;). Just reach man!

All deets are here, or just scroll down below.

See you tonight.

I'll just let my man Om'Mas n em' tell you



Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Soldier Girl: Badu Cranks Dat @ Massey Hall, May 05 2008

What a show.

I love a wide stage and a packed house. Good Look to my man Jon Jon who got me some seats so close to the stage that I could see the clasp on the backup singer's Maidenform T-back bra, thru were loosely tied blouse.

Anyhow, your man had a blast. Good show, great company and great ppl - MI GENTES! Shouts to J. Ramos again for the seats. the soft seater was not that bad after all. Good Look to Ayana for the shots - shudda brought my digi! All love. They came out nice same way. Say wrd.

Click for larger view.

Shouts to Zaki who I had not seen perform yet, but her release party is next week, so I'll chat about she later.

Say wrd.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beats Like a Piñata! Samiyam Rap Beats v.1


I'll never forget it. Samiyam sitting on the couch @ RBMA, playing his joints like... "Yeah... My sh*t don't stink!"

LOL. But man, he had bangers. Since, the relocated MI native now residing in LA has been diligently banging away on that SP-303, adding his trademark eerie keys and subsonic bass grooves. Things got a little craze when he posted his own rmx of "Souljah Boy (Crank Dat!)" on his myspace, and had the in-ter-net-going-nuts. I recall chatting w/ HouseShoes who was like... That rmx is the SHIT! Play it again! His shit don't stink for real. I like to end my sets w/ that joint almost all the time now...

Anyhow... his long time brethren Flying Lotus has massaged a situation for Sam, and that has just translated into a new release.

Rap Beats Vol.1 - AVAILABLE NOW!

A collection of Samiyam's recent works that was in fact avail for a min through his myspace. Now, consider it an official release on FlyLo's own imprint - Brainfeeder. Say wrd.

So, whilst you sit here reading the rest of this post, click here and open a new iTunes window to go cop this newest installment of what I like to characterize as Robotica™. LOL.

Might crack a smile, but ain't a damn thing funny.... Michigan plates when y'all n*ggas mouth stop runnin'... B*TCH N*GGAS!