Friday, May 23, 2008

Distortion To Static

Mixing and blending is so yesterday.
I recall tracing my path to ME-J'in and my future plans with future beats (or beat music, Hoodtronica™), I knew that I wanted to sonically have something as fresh as it was new. Why should riddims always be mixed and blended? Why not fade out and transition in a storm of electronic haze?


Enter the Korg Mini KaossPad. [click for larger]

Essentially, this is the small version of the well known Kaos KP3 (which I didn't feel like springing $400 for, though I did like it whilst @ the RBMA) which is essentially 1st for foremost an effects processor and has some extra bells and whistles.

One thing I loved about the Mini KP on paper, is that it was a) a dedicated effects box - that's all it does, and b), runs off batteries.
I've used it 1nce so far and plan to run it tons more as I slowly work into my routine.

My setup was outed in a photo @ GLORIOUS a few weeks back. LOL. This is far from being Mossad so all good.
Anyhow, the only challenges I see so far are the 99 effects - many of them are a little too similar, and using RCAs in a XLR world can be challenging as well. But no worries, adapters all day. As well, the sensitive preset input level. DROVE ME BANANAS my 1st night. ARGH.
If I ever get this mixtape done maybe you'll hear this thing @ work! It's all for you!
Anyhow, wish me luck.


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