Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chicken & Waffles: I'm So Down

So, when I was in LA in Jan of this year, before heading down to San Diego for ASR, my man Diz, El Gigante and Nick Diamond of the Diamond Supply Co fame all hit Roscoe's Chicken n Waffles - the original location as I was told. Being West Indian, it was a concept that I could not grasp. Chicken N Waffles?? What the hell is that all about?? Anyhow, when in Rome, do as Italians. So I ordered a waffle and a piece of fried chicken. Lemme tell you that i had the sweetest sleep on the way to San Diego. Wow.

Anyhow, California consul of style, Fresh Jive have released a set of tees in honor of this American dietary staple. Most notably, the campaign promoting this collection also features a short video starring adult movie star Pinky. Not really in touch with the new school as I grew up with girl guides like Purple Passion, Vanessa Del Rio and Angel Kelly. But this Pinky chick is nuts.

I have my sources, but word is that I might even buck up with she when I'm out in LV in the next few weeks. Look for some new pix to come up. In fact, the night that I am supposed to see her might be one of the best nights in LV, since I partied w/ Waajeed a few years back. Shouts to my man Ty G!

You know I couldn't chat about the video and not post it.

WARNING - I will not be held responsible for any disciplinary action taken against you when this video plays whilst your work hours. You know that you're already in hot water for spending most of your day on Facebook. So the disclaimer reads as follows:

Be Bloodclawt Careful.

Ok. Now x2 click the space below (x2 click to stop it too).

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BTW, Fresh Jive is selling tees. Did you forget?? You can find them @ any of the several fine Fresh Jive boutiques near you, say like LiveStock.

Here are the tees:

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Detroit 2 LA: House Shoes x HVW8

My man Ty G has been burning up putting out a sick podcast. He just started it recently and has had some heavyweight (pun intended) cats come thru: Daz-I-Kue, Black Spade and a few others. Most recently, vol.17 was touched by the newest LA resident but forever Detroit rider DJ House Shoes.

This Michigan magistrate has been down with the D before cats knew what was happening. Having seen the Dilla movement from it's infancy, he forever carries the torch and spreads that Detroit doctorine @ each able opportunity.

This newest HVW8 podcast was no exception.


Pls get down w/ my man Ty G's podcast. If you got iTunes, you can subscribe to his podcast by clicking here.

You can also just download the entire podcast by right clicking here.

Tracklist is as follows:

House Shoes - Castles (CDR)*D
Guilty Simpson - For the D (CDR)*D
Jay Electronica - Victory is in My Clutches (CDR)
Pete Rock/Slum Village - Gangsta Boogie *D
Blu - No Greater Love (Sound in Color)
Kev Brown - Random Joint (LowBudget)
Waajeed - Proud (Bling 47)*D
House Shoes - Newports (CDR)*D
Dabrye feat. Guily Simpson - Special (Black Milk rmx) (CDR)*D
Quelle - Special Ingredient (CDR)*D
Qeulle w/ Denmark Vesey - Deal Widdit (CDR)*D
Snowman Jack - Street Corner Music (CDR)*D
M.O.P. - Sharks
Marv Won - Back Like I Never Left (CDR)*D
House Shoes - Dorothy's Look (CDR)*D
Marv Won - Happy Birthday (CDR)*D
14 KT - Gee Whiz (CDR)*D
Black Milk - Get Down (CDR)*D
House Shoes - It's On (CDR)*D
Phat Kat - True Story Pt.II (Look)*D
Waajeed - Dusk (Bling 47)*D
Jay Dee - Fresh for 98 (CDR)*D
Illa Jay - Me and My Brother (CDR)*D
J Dilla w/ Ta'Raach - Say It! (Operation Unknown)*D
Guilty Simpson - Get Bitches, Get Rides (Stones Throw)*D
Phat Kat - My Old Label (Look)*D
14 KT - Without Dilla (CDR)*D
Robert Glasper - J Dillalude (Blue note)
D'Angelo - Fantastic (CDR)
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know

(*D reps Detroit to the fullest, as if you didn't know...)

You can also stream it down here if you're @ work. You know that had to happen. say wrd. Click Play. Enjoy.

More Beyonce, Less Britney: Kweli in Toronto, Aug 30th 2007.

More schools, Less prisons
More freestyle, Less written
More serious shit, Less kiddin
More history, Less mystery
More Beyonce, Less Britney!

More or Less - Talib Kweli

Fa sho Kweli!

SO Kweli is back in Toronto on Thursday Aug 30th 2007 @ the Phoenix. I think the last time he came to Toronto, he was scheduled to shoot his video for More Or Less. He also wanted to rawk a small show on a last second's notice. So the good ppl @ REMG whipped one up real good @ the Reverb, and it resulted in a Sept 2006 show that was phenomenal. Peep the footage below (again, shot with the Nokia N90).

This is gonna be a hot.

Kweli got a deep catalog now, and he's got some certified bangers - even though there are some that I never hear any longer (like 2000 seasons--> love that joint!). Looking fwd to this show, in fact I am trying to make it back in time from Sin City to make it (as well as get some real work done).

Do yourself a solid, and make it out to this show. You'll get to see how some emcees really put it down.

More Dilla Dawg, less wack sh*t,
More Jack Davey, less fake chicks,
More multi cultural, less segregation,
More broken beat, more inspiration.
More hair picks, less colored contacts,
More indie labels, less funny contracts
More partying, less lineups,
More originals, less mash-ups
More Madlib, more Liberation EP
More James Brown, Less Elvis Presley
More Spike Lee, less minstrel shows
More College Radio, less FLOW.

Freestyle - My Man Henri.

I'll never be able to write rhymes, let alone rap. My career's a wrap though. This took me like, all day to script - and it's still not tight. LOL.

Anyhow, I thougth that you should @ least get a sight & sound of the original work of art that is the "More or Less" vid by Hi-Tek and Kweli. As I mentioned, shot in Toronto. Styled by GetJanet, and features some TBG (aka Too Black Guys), rawked by none other than Talib himself. Say wrd.

See you @ the show on the 30th, and enjoy.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Memento: Cuba 2006

Thirty is the new twenty playa. So we've been made aware of by a mid to late thirty something dude who needed to validate his craving and desire to screw a twenty something chick. All good. Wouldn't have said anything anyhow Sean. Do u, and her whilst you're @ it. I just ask that you hit me w/ the juicy deets in the AM. Sh*t, I can listen all day. ;) Does she have another sister?? I'm not even that mad @ the House of Dereon rags... Lies. I am.

So, on my new twenty something-ith bday, I was treated to a last second trip to Cuba. How kind was that?? ;) Cuba is a place that I long admired for several reason, but essentially all things culturally tied: the music, the sun, the food and the dearest language that is Spanish. We arrived late one Friday night, and left the following Monday as it landed on a Thanksgiving weekend (Give thx).

As much as I stayed on the resort in Varadero, I got to ride a scooter along the Northern Coast - long side the Gulf Of Mexico.

¡Mira, Mira! What a wonderful site indeed.

I ate well, was basking in the sun, had some great fun and even bought some art in a mercado cubano. I met some Haitians there ironically, and I also met a very interesting retired Cuban teacher called Armando. Click below.

All of this came rushing back in memory as some friends of mine are off to Cuba for a week. Given the op, you should do the same. Do your best to leave the resort as much as possible. You'll be exposed to so much more. And it's not even all that hard to get around.

In any case, I tracked down the photos I took. All of them as well as the video are courtesy of the Nokia N90 imaging phone. If you ever have the chance to get your hands on one, it will replace quite a few things on your digital tool belt. And they sync well w/ Macs now as well. ;) Email me, and I'll show you more.

Enjoy the pix, and book your trip.

H! aka Enrique Pandillero

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sound & Color: Caribana 2007

Dear Bana

pls look @ this post as more of a kind of mea cupla, displiceo. Earlier this year, anyone who asked or cared to listen would have heard me tell them how I was looking fwd to leaving town as I thought I couldn't handle the associated commotion of Toronto's and the West Indies' pride and joy: Caribana 2007. I just thought I had seen enough, heard enough, jumped enough and ate enough. I could not be any more further from the truth.

Already, I am a fan of Sound & Color, and you had it all. So how could I not be around for this? Already, I'm more impassioned w/ the sun than Icarus himself. The sun was @ it's shiniest, the sky was clearer than the beaches in the most celebrated West Indians beaches, the JBLs and Cerwin Vegas were booming and the colors were bold.

I 1nce again speak of my ppl w/ more pride than Common's new single. ;) I had such a blast. Hope you did to. Enjoy some of these photos and videos.

I'll see you next year dear. ;) I got that spare room for you. Can't wait.


How could we have Bana w/o a little slackness?

Ok. Just trying some new photo interface. Enjoy the pix.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memento: Dinner w/ Jose Parla.

My thoughts and writing can be so unfocused and nebulous @ times, I started to think that I was Guy Pearce in that great piece of cinematography, Memento. I have so much that I've not shared that I have decided to create a thread dedicated to older events that I loved, and I've yet to discuss.

Sometime in 2006, I was in NY on my way to a Giant Step & Jazzanova party @ Cielo in the meat packing district. @ the start of the night, we went and saw a film about graph writers/artists. It featured many of the greats, who also happened to be in attendance, such as Haze.
That night, I also met a Cuban artist who goes by José Parlá.
We went on to party all together that same night. He was a hella cool and genuine dude - and I got to practice some Spanish.
FFWD to 2007 and my UK trip. I heard he was in London for a show that he had w/ Futura @ Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. I somehow end up on the phone w/ my girl Jazzi who then put José on the line!


We all end up hooking up w/ friends in the infamous Brick Lane in London for some great Indian food.
All in all, a great time was had and I post this only to highlight the strength and love in friendships. Nothing more true and pure. Besides, I owe you dinner JP! ;) On me next time.

Shouts to my boy José and Jazzi. If you have the op, pls feel free to check out José's work online. Below is quite possibly one of my fave pieces

click for larger image: