Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Beyonce, Less Britney: Kweli in Toronto, Aug 30th 2007.

More schools, Less prisons
More freestyle, Less written
More serious shit, Less kiddin
More history, Less mystery
More Beyonce, Less Britney!

More or Less - Talib Kweli

Fa sho Kweli!

SO Kweli is back in Toronto on Thursday Aug 30th 2007 @ the Phoenix. I think the last time he came to Toronto, he was scheduled to shoot his video for More Or Less. He also wanted to rawk a small show on a last second's notice. So the good ppl @ REMG whipped one up real good @ the Reverb, and it resulted in a Sept 2006 show that was phenomenal. Peep the footage below (again, shot with the Nokia N90).

This is gonna be a hot.

Kweli got a deep catalog now, and he's got some certified bangers - even though there are some that I never hear any longer (like 2000 seasons--> love that joint!). Looking fwd to this show, in fact I am trying to make it back in time from Sin City to make it (as well as get some real work done).

Do yourself a solid, and make it out to this show. You'll get to see how some emcees really put it down.

More Dilla Dawg, less wack sh*t,
More Jack Davey, less fake chicks,
More multi cultural, less segregation,
More broken beat, more inspiration.
More hair picks, less colored contacts,
More indie labels, less funny contracts
More partying, less lineups,
More originals, less mash-ups
More Madlib, more Liberation EP
More James Brown, Less Elvis Presley
More Spike Lee, less minstrel shows
More College Radio, less FLOW.

Freestyle - My Man Henri.

I'll never be able to write rhymes, let alone rap. My career's a wrap though. This took me like, all day to script - and it's still not tight. LOL.

Anyhow, I thougth that you should @ least get a sight & sound of the original work of art that is the "More or Less" vid by Hi-Tek and Kweli. As I mentioned, shot in Toronto. Styled by GetJanet, and features some TBG (aka Too Black Guys), rawked by none other than Talib himself. Say wrd.

See you @ the show on the 30th, and enjoy.


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