Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sound & Color: Caribana 2007

Dear Bana

pls look @ this post as more of a kind of mea cupla, displiceo. Earlier this year, anyone who asked or cared to listen would have heard me tell them how I was looking fwd to leaving town as I thought I couldn't handle the associated commotion of Toronto's and the West Indies' pride and joy: Caribana 2007. I just thought I had seen enough, heard enough, jumped enough and ate enough. I could not be any more further from the truth.

Already, I am a fan of Sound & Color, and you had it all. So how could I not be around for this? Already, I'm more impassioned w/ the sun than Icarus himself. The sun was @ it's shiniest, the sky was clearer than the beaches in the most celebrated West Indians beaches, the JBLs and Cerwin Vegas were booming and the colors were bold.

I 1nce again speak of my ppl w/ more pride than Common's new single. ;) I had such a blast. Hope you did to. Enjoy some of these photos and videos.

I'll see you next year dear. ;) I got that spare room for you. Can't wait.


How could we have Bana w/o a little slackness?

Ok. Just trying some new photo interface. Enjoy the pix.

coded with this.

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