Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Raise Your Flag! New Era Opens Toronto Flagship This Week

This something that has been in the works for a min. But it's now here.

1st came the NY New Era store @ 4th & Broadway. Got the invite from my man W. Best (forever a good look) and that was such a blast. Been a regular @ that store ever since. Shouts to my mans, Antoine, Initial H all day...

Then came the Buffalo store that opened up right as they moved offices. Did you know that this colossal cap company has it's roots in Buffalo NY??

I was then days removed for the London UK Store opening, but I made it to the store anyhow and that shop is beautiful. Shouts to Brad!

So now, here we are. Toronto, Canada. We are getting our own shop.

That's so heavy. Not claiming to have the illest hat game, but I keep a few in the chamber. ;) But I will say this: expect some surprises when you get there.

But here's the gem:

This weekend is Caribana, seen? Last year, when I was politicking with my man SD from New Era, we both knew that dope hats @ Bana would be the bomb. Like, why not do flags?? Well, they did in the US last year for Labor Day parade if I'm not mistaken. And in case you did not know, there are tons of Haitians in NY - so my joint looked a little something like this:

Sh*t... You might have seen me running with mine this weekend @ Hrbrfrnt during the Sak Pase showcase. Anyhow, not saying that they'll have Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Haiti and the rest of the beautiful West Indies but you might wanna check ;).

Get your head right.

Toronto New Era Store Opening
202 Queen West
Friday Aug 3 2007.
1 pm sharp.

Sh*t. You might catch me there from the night before @ the private bashment. ;)

Say wrd.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Bloodclawt Tune

So... I just spent 2 days in NY and after a change of plans, made a b-line for Chitown instead of home. 2 reasons:

Went to catch up to my man, all beatsmith, super producer Jake One, and to also catch up to a cat that I've been building w/ for a min: Black Milk - another Monarch of the MPC.

Supersonic Jake was in Chitown as one of the heads of this traveling Beat Battle: Red Bull Big Tune. Essentially cats are facing off and go mano y mano with the beats and the crowd calls out the winner. Hmmmm.... Sounds like a god 'ol fashion clash.

As well, I wanted to take a closer look as plans are in the works to have it in Toronto. Say wrd. Shouts to JD and A$ as well as JO and H who rolled for the ride.

Shots of the event (click for larger)

The show was pretty live. The winner and runner up qualified for the finals in Seattle Oct 18th 2007. The Chicago winner ended up being this cat called Tall Black Guy who had some bangers. I mean, it's hard to get an instrumental banger out that cats can feel. A loop can't quite cut it. Felt like he had that boom and bap that's been missing out of NY. Lot of cats were running some dbl time, southern riddims. Being in the Midwest and the sign of the times would allow for that still. So they all posed for a photo @ the end. The whole show was a good look as some had been 1st timers tryingto have their joints heard

But the highlight for me had to have been to finally run into Black Milk after kicking it w/ him for months, trying to get him in Toronto (and he's here Wed July 25th).

As the special guest, he essentially rawks a quick set and played some bangerd from his beat tape. Bananas. I should have taped that. But what I did record was a joint he rawked (for those who have Sound of The City). Enjoy

And here are some more pix...

In any case, look for some of that magic Wednesday July 25th.

More photos...

See you cats Wednesday.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Unconditional Love

I love this music.

I feel blessed to have grown up, seen and heard the ppl who were so influential in it's growth.

Ppl such as Large Professor aka Large Pro aka Extra P.

His involvement with some of the music's best is well documented.

I shot this outside a Polyrhythm Addict record release in March 07, in BK.

We exchanged just a few words. He then calmly walked home. Saw him again a few weeks ago @ the BK Bodega. But never kicked it.

I've always wondered what his views were on this current state of the Art. I didn't have the chance to ask.

Despite today being Friday the 13th, my luck may have just turned for ths best.... Stay tuned.

Black Wednesday

Well, almost 9months to the day I've been trying to make this happen, it's here.

I wanna thank JD and all the ppl @ Red Bull for having that listening ear. It's going to be a great show! $ayer in the building!

RedBull Muic Academy is proud to present:

BLACK MILK w/ special guest TBA

Wednesday, July 25th @ Revival
783 College St
Doors @ 10pm, show @ 11pm.

$10 Adv tix available @:

Play De Record (357A Yonge Street, Toronto)
Rotate This (620 Queen Street West, Toronto,)
Slinky Music (442 Queen Street West, Toronto)
Ticketweb.ca (search for Black Milk)

Set up the Facebook group as well.

If you've not heard of Black Milk, you've been robbed of some good music.

As such, for some of the 1st timers or neophytes, I'm posting some music for y'all to peep.

Click Play and enjoy.

Estoy De Vuelta

... meaning I'm back.

I missed you YYZ.

You and The Spaniard.

Busy weekend.

See you cats soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top Shoppaz!

[Brap!] [Brap!]


I've been trying to avoid doing too much shoppin just cuz the £ is just set to take me to the cleaners! Pls refer to the table below for the exchange rate:

So essentially, every 1£=$2 CAD. As such, if my meal is £8 which might be regarded as a deal, I am paying $16 for it. Which is so not a deal. Henceforth, the brits are laughing all the way to the bank when they vacation in North America.

QED: you see why the shopping is literally lethal. But oh well...

I was drawn in to the infamous Top Shop (click the above for a bigger view). Wowsers. Bought some dnm. There's a good chance I rawk 'em the day I come back as I need to break them in desperately. These are the skinniest that I have ever bought so when you see me... look out!

In any case, I'll add to the shopping exp today, yea.

Hizzla aka Top Shoppaz.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Barcelona esta platanos!

Necissito a regresar - real quick.

I miss my scooter!

Your boy...




Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mike Jooooones, yea?

So, here I am in this affluent part of London (West Hampstead ni99a, throw 'em up!), and I'm about to pull a move more ghetto than sugar sandwiches.

I love traveling, but this has been one of my rarer lenghty trips. I still have 1 week to go and I've been here since the top of the week. I miss home! So here we go...

Mike Jones!!!!


that's my cell # here in London, yea?.

Would love to hear from you. Make it simple, say like.... casual txt, yea?. ;)

But for real. holla. It's been fun but man, the weather flips more than winnipeg and the boro combined, yea?.

click below...

I've been hanging tons around this area. Top Shop, Regent St. Apple Store, Foot Patrol and so many more... yea?

As well, I'm glad to announce that my sobriety sentence was temporarily commuted last night by Judge L. Keaton...

I was @ this bday party, Under Di Bridge yea?(<---- that's the name of the spot, for real. Guess where it is??)

In any case, today I am off to Barcelona, FINALLY! So, time to get moving as I have a long ride to Luton Airport in London.

So.. Holla @ ur man if you have a hot minute.

+011447943572057 (can you hear the Swisha House beat in the back?)

I'll be sure to shout you out, yea?

I'm so hood... haha.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Era London, yea?

i totally forgot about this. I had heard rumblings that this was blasting off.


I'll offer more deets when I get more shots. The security guard reminded me of a photo ban. Say what??

I will say this: it's BY FAR the nicest between all the others: that includes Buffalo as well as the 4th & Broadway NY, NY store.

In anycase, this is the only shot that i could offer you cats. Working on more... stay tuned, yea?

Shouts to my Sid who is grinding. He's got another surprise soon... Hold tight. Sid, I need some dates, yea?

click for bigger...

** BTW **

To all my US muchachos and guapasitas. Happy 4th of July. It does not get more American than New Era, yea?


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

LGW, Stand UP!


Good Morning.

Some of you knew. The rest of you just found out.

Your boy in in the land of chips and chavs.

Hide your women and their sisters. ;)

On a European tour of duty, yea.

LGW is the 1st stop, yea.

This is my 1st full day on my own. Shouts to Em & Keaton for holding me down!

It's just arrived and it's been an experience, yea?

Will actually do a Mike Jones and hit you cats with # to txt me @, yea?

This is live from Apple Store, London - came from the free Wi-fi, yea.

Say Wrd.

Hallelujah Hizzla.