Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Bloodclawt Tune

So... I just spent 2 days in NY and after a change of plans, made a b-line for Chitown instead of home. 2 reasons:

Went to catch up to my man, all beatsmith, super producer Jake One, and to also catch up to a cat that I've been building w/ for a min: Black Milk - another Monarch of the MPC.

Supersonic Jake was in Chitown as one of the heads of this traveling Beat Battle: Red Bull Big Tune. Essentially cats are facing off and go mano y mano with the beats and the crowd calls out the winner. Hmmmm.... Sounds like a god 'ol fashion clash.

As well, I wanted to take a closer look as plans are in the works to have it in Toronto. Say wrd. Shouts to JD and A$ as well as JO and H who rolled for the ride.

Shots of the event (click for larger)

The show was pretty live. The winner and runner up qualified for the finals in Seattle Oct 18th 2007. The Chicago winner ended up being this cat called Tall Black Guy who had some bangers. I mean, it's hard to get an instrumental banger out that cats can feel. A loop can't quite cut it. Felt like he had that boom and bap that's been missing out of NY. Lot of cats were running some dbl time, southern riddims. Being in the Midwest and the sign of the times would allow for that still. So they all posed for a photo @ the end. The whole show was a good look as some had been 1st timers tryingto have their joints heard

But the highlight for me had to have been to finally run into Black Milk after kicking it w/ him for months, trying to get him in Toronto (and he's here Wed July 25th).

As the special guest, he essentially rawks a quick set and played some bangerd from his beat tape. Bananas. I should have taped that. But what I did record was a joint he rawked (for those who have Sound of The City). Enjoy

And here are some more pix...

In any case, look for some of that magic Wednesday July 25th.

More photos...

See you cats Wednesday.


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