Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Raise Your Flag! New Era Opens Toronto Flagship This Week

This something that has been in the works for a min. But it's now here.

1st came the NY New Era store @ 4th & Broadway. Got the invite from my man W. Best (forever a good look) and that was such a blast. Been a regular @ that store ever since. Shouts to my mans, Antoine, Initial H all day...

Then came the Buffalo store that opened up right as they moved offices. Did you know that this colossal cap company has it's roots in Buffalo NY??

I was then days removed for the London UK Store opening, but I made it to the store anyhow and that shop is beautiful. Shouts to Brad!

So now, here we are. Toronto, Canada. We are getting our own shop.

That's so heavy. Not claiming to have the illest hat game, but I keep a few in the chamber. ;) But I will say this: expect some surprises when you get there.

But here's the gem:

This weekend is Caribana, seen? Last year, when I was politicking with my man SD from New Era, we both knew that dope hats @ Bana would be the bomb. Like, why not do flags?? Well, they did in the US last year for Labor Day parade if I'm not mistaken. And in case you did not know, there are tons of Haitians in NY - so my joint looked a little something like this:

Sh*t... You might have seen me running with mine this weekend @ Hrbrfrnt during the Sak Pase showcase. Anyhow, not saying that they'll have Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Haiti and the rest of the beautiful West Indies but you might wanna check ;).

Get your head right.

Toronto New Era Store Opening
202 Queen West
Friday Aug 3 2007.
1 pm sharp.

Sh*t. You might catch me there from the night before @ the private bashment. ;)

Say wrd.

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Ant* said...

good looking homey!

wow! you're one of the few people that have peeped all the shops! lucky man!

srry that i wont be up there this week, but i'm sure i'll be up there sometime soon. i'm sure we'll link up in nyc.

maybe you'll even catch me in LA......

who knows?

peace. health. happiness.