Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top Shoppaz!

[Brap!] [Brap!]


I've been trying to avoid doing too much shoppin just cuz the £ is just set to take me to the cleaners! Pls refer to the table below for the exchange rate:

So essentially, every 1£=$2 CAD. As such, if my meal is £8 which might be regarded as a deal, I am paying $16 for it. Which is so not a deal. Henceforth, the brits are laughing all the way to the bank when they vacation in North America.

QED: you see why the shopping is literally lethal. But oh well...

I was drawn in to the infamous Top Shop (click the above for a bigger view). Wowsers. Bought some dnm. There's a good chance I rawk 'em the day I come back as I need to break them in desperately. These are the skinniest that I have ever bought so when you see me... look out!

In any case, I'll add to the shopping exp today, yea.

Hizzla aka Top Shoppaz.

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caroline said...

OH GOD TOPSHOP!!!! I LOVE TOPSHOP!!! so jealous!! how are you anyway? I think you should come meet up with me in Greece next week, don't you??