Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mike Jooooones, yea?

So, here I am in this affluent part of London (West Hampstead ni99a, throw 'em up!), and I'm about to pull a move more ghetto than sugar sandwiches.

I love traveling, but this has been one of my rarer lenghty trips. I still have 1 week to go and I've been here since the top of the week. I miss home! So here we go...

Mike Jones!!!!


that's my cell # here in London, yea?.

Would love to hear from you. Make it simple, say like.... casual txt, yea?. ;)

But for real. holla. It's been fun but man, the weather flips more than winnipeg and the boro combined, yea?.

click below...

I've been hanging tons around this area. Top Shop, Regent St. Apple Store, Foot Patrol and so many more... yea?

As well, I'm glad to announce that my sobriety sentence was temporarily commuted last night by Judge L. Keaton...

I was @ this bday party, Under Di Bridge yea?(<---- that's the name of the spot, for real. Guess where it is??)

In any case, today I am off to Barcelona, FINALLY! So, time to get moving as I have a long ride to Luton Airport in London.

So.. Holla @ ur man if you have a hot minute.

+011447943572057 (can you hear the Swisha House beat in the back?)

I'll be sure to shout you out, yea?

I'm so hood... haha.


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